Getting Started with ABAP: How to Create Flat Structure

This is the next blog post in this series. Here is the previous blog post Getting Started With ABAP: Table Maintenance Generator

In the previous blog post, we learned what is table maintenance generator.

In this blog post we will learn types of structure and how to create flat structure.

Types of Structure

  1. Flat Structure

It is a collection of components (fields).

  1. Nested Structure

It is a structure within a structure but not a table type.

  1. Deep Structure

It contains at least one table type.

Flat Structure

How to Create Flat Structure

Step 1: Go to SE11 and click on Data Type.

Step 2: Enter the name of Structure that you want to create and click on Create.

Step 3: Select Structure and press Enter.

Step 4: Give the short description.

Step 5: Enter Component that means field name Employee_id and select typing method as Types.

Step 6: We have already created Employee_id field in table so we can use here. Enter Component type as data element name which is created earlier. If not created you can create data element first and enter that name.

In this way, you can add more fields as per your requirement.

Step 7: Go to Extras and click on Enhancement Category. Select can be enhanced (Character-like or numeric).

Step 8: Save and activate structure.

Here Flat Structure is created.

Here we have completed the how to create flat structure.

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