A Business User’s Guide to Becoming a Citizen Developer with SAP AppGyver

The Low-Code/No-Code horizon is rapidly expanding across the Application Development sky. SAP AppGyver is emerging as one of the hottest new tools to empower Citizen Developers. In this blog series, I will explain a few of the programming basics required to be an effective Citizen Developer.

The need for citizen developers to take center stage is becoming more pressing than ever before. Enterprises are experiencing significant challenges in keeping their business processes and digital landscape abreast with a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment. Adding to this, is the global shortage of skilled IT workers who can translate these processes digitally.

Cue SAP AppGyver to the rescue: as a business user, you want to ensure that the processes you use are digitally reflected in an effective, efficient, and sustainable way. No one knows these business processes better than the business users who use them daily. With SAP AppGyver, we can transform business users into citizen developers with visual programming capabilities: no code needed! Thereby, eliminating major bottlenecks, like large IT backlogs and inefficient process digitalization.

However, the transformation path from business user to citizen developer involves understanding various aspects of programming. In this blog series, we will explore some of these aspects in an AppGyver context, so that the curtains can be drawn on the citizen developer’s time for application development.

These aspects include:

  1. What are Variables in SAP AppGyver
  2. How to create Variables and Give Them Meaning in SAP AppGyver
  3. What Is Logic In SAP AppGyver
  4. How to Add Logic to your Application in SAP AppGyver
  5. What are APIs in SAP AppGyver
  6. How to use APIs in SAP AppGyver

These sections will provide the basic understanding required to create functionality and build logic within your SAP AppGyver applications. For further information remember that you can always check out the SAP AppGyver community tag!

Let’s dive into Variables in Part 1!