Credit check failed without credit case been created for SO

When the credit check failed during sales order creation, a Credit Case called Documented credit decision (DCD) will be created with FSCM credit management in ECC& S/4HANA. This Blog demonstrates basic Credit Management including the process, operation, configuration aspects, etc. If DCD hasn’t been created after sales order creation with a failed credit check, SAP already provides the checklist at Notes 2616393 – Missing documented credit decision (DCD). For first-time usage, may need to check IMG configuration first as the above notes mentioned.

What if it happened for a rare case while the credit management has run properly for a long time? This Blog lists below steps to speed up when analyzing Step 4 of Notes 2616393 <Check transaction SRT_UTIL “Error log” or “Message Monitor” for failed DCD messages>.

1, Check when the sales order’s been created and its Business partner

  • Get SO creation date&time at VBAK by field ERDAT and ERZET accordingly;
  • Get the business partner&credit segment for payer at SO header.

2, Check the Credit check log precisely against this SO creation

Get the credit check log by Transaction code: UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY with the below parameter:

  1. BP number&credit segment fetched from the first step;
  2. The date will be the SO creation date, Time will range from a few minutes ahead of the SO creation to the SO creation timestamp.

  • If no credit check log has been found, then should check the credit check skip routine through VOFM->Requirements->Credit checks routine;
  • If there’re multiply credit check logs found, then compare the checked credit value with the SO order amount and log’s External ID which will contain the order type and reference number.

3, Check “Error log” for failed DCD messages through SRT_UTIL or SRT_TOOLS

  • With the SO creation timestamp range, we can find any error log for this DCD creation by SRT_UTIL.

  • Check the Error log of the ‘System_Error’ entry:

  • Here my case shows its ‘HTTP Communication Failure error’. Then may need Basis colleague to check further.