SAP Launchpad service now available for all RISE with SAP customers

In this blog post, I would like to highlight the importance of SAP Launchpad service and why customers should start looking into its advantages over SAP Fiori launchpad on S/4HANA. Did you know that all RISE with SAP customers get access to the SAP Launchpad service on SAP BTP to use as a default for access to all S/4HANA apps?

Why SAP Launchpad service?

As we see in today’s Business world, achieving agility is important and it requires a unifying process especially when it comes to accessing information spread across various application systems and tools that are fragmented.  SAP Launchpad service is a unifying tool on Business Technology Platform that simplifies accessing business applications without the need to login to multiple applications systems, making it convenient for Business end users by providing an intuitive and central access point to all relevant application and services – SAP solutions, custom built, 3rd party applications and extension.

Here are some of the reasons to start considering SAP Launchpad service on SAP BTP over SAP Fiori launchpad on your S/4HANA system

1. Central Entry point of access with harmonized User Experience

The SAP Launchpad service offers a central entry point to access various SAP Solutions on cloud, and on-premises. This enhances the productivity and efficiency of business users by seamlessly accessing relevant apps and content centrally in one place. It provides consistency through harmonized user experience and smooth integrations to different UI technologies and third-party web apps. Many solutions like SuccessFactors, IBP, S/4HANA are tightly integrated and can be accessed within the existing SAP Fiori launchpad shell. Customers can also configure access to 3rd party systems and launch them from a tile on the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Reference: Building a central Launchpad using SAP Launchpad Service – Getting Started | SAP Blogs

2. Connect to multiple SAP S/4HANA systems

When you have more than one SAP S/4HANA system, you will end up with multiple SAP Fiori launchpads and end users would often need to switch between these launchpads. The SAP Launchpad service can help in connecting various S/4HANA systems as well as SAP Business Suite system through content federation by remotely consuming apps from the respective system.

3. Extension Scenario

The SAP Launchpad service makes it convenient for end users to access to all custom applications along with standard apps in the respective SAP systems. SAP Launchpad service includes access to deploy any number of custom Fiori apps in SAP BTP via the Managed HTML5 applications. Hence, customers no longer need to deploy custom apps in their S/4HANA and increase the level of customization. To know more, check out this blog post which talks about 5 key aspects of the SAP Launchpad service that is important for anyone looking to extend their SAP solutions.

4. Extending the reach

During the recent times companies have seen how important it has become to extend the reach and provide access securely, may be to their own employees working from home or giving access to business partner outside their organization. The SAP Launchpad service can provide external access to selected applications to employees or business partners such as suppliers, vendors without the need of VPN.

5. Identity Authentication service

The Identity Authentication service (IAS) provides end users with controlled cloud-based access to business processes, applications, and data.  The user experience is made simpler through authentication mechanisms and single sign-on capabilities. IAS is now included as part of the BTP subscription. It is found to be helpful in scenario where customers want to expose Fiori applications to external vendors/suppliers but do not want to manage and maintain those external users in their corporate Identity provider.

Reference: Is SAP Cloud Identity Services for free?

6. SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start is a native mobile app, which serves as an entry point for users to access various applications and content. It is provisioned automatically with the SAP Launchpad service which means all SAP Launchpad service customers get to use straight away SAP Mobile Start with minimal setup. To get started you just need to download the app from the public App Store and scan a registration barcode from your SAP Launchpad service settings followed by a simple three-step process.

Reference: SAP Mobile Start – the new native entry point to access applications & contents | SAP Blogs

7. BTP Central Notification

Business end users get to receive notifications from custom applications and SAP S/4HANA (cloud and on-premise) applications. These central notifications not only provide updates to the users but also provides direct navigation path to the Fiori Application where it originates from. As of today, notifications from SAP S/4HANA and custom apps are only supported. Hopefully in the future more solutions are added.

Reference:  Building a central Launchpad using SAP Launchpad Service – Enabling Notifications | SAP Blogs

 8. SAP Task Center

SAP Task Center allows to aggregate approval tasks from multiple SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass etc. SAP Task Center is provided to the end user via the Task Center application within the SAP Launchpad service sites on SAP BTP that allows end users to handle approval tasks in an efficient way. SAP Task Centre is available only on SAP BTP for customers who are on a consumption-based commercial model. It does require customers to have IAS/IPS as Identity Management system. SAP  Task Center is free of charge to integrate tasks from all SAP cloud solutions. Get the details here –

Reference: Handling Tasks in an efficient, integrated and harmonized way using SAP Task Center | SAP Blogs

9. Multiple Fiori Launchpad Sites

It is also possible to create multiple SAP Fiori Launchpad sites on SAP BTP each targeting different personas. For example, one for employees and another for your vendors. This does not require exposing your SAP backend systems to the internet. SAP Cloud Connector installed on your premise securely exposes the content to the SAP Launchpad service for consumption by authorized users. For more details refer to this blog post – SAP BTP Launchpad service: Top 5 reasons to consider using it to extend SAP solutions | SAP Blogs.

10. Evergreen Libraries and Visual Themes 

In case of SAP Fiori launchpad, administrators are required to upgrade the SAPUI5 library and component versions to obtain the new features as well as visual themes. For many organizations, upgrades are usually a big activity which involves time and resources. However, with the SAP Launchpad service such overheads are avoided since the upgrades are taken care by SAP and customers get access to the latest SAPUI5 libraries.


Hope this blog post helped you understand the advantages of SAP Launchpad service as compared to SAP Fiori launchpad.

SAP Launchpad service is offered part of the free tier model for SAP BTP to explore and start developing with the SAP Launchpad service. Customers with CPEA / Pay-as-you-go contracts can activate a free service plan for evaluation and PoC projects. Want to get started? Check out this blog post for more details – Start your SAP Launchpad service free trial today! | SAP Blogs

In order to get started and build SAP Launchpad service on BTP you can refer to the following  blog seriesBuilding a central Launchpad using SAP Launchpad Service – Getting Started | SAP Blogs .

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