SAP Commissions – Understand all the API endpoint Logic

Dear All,

This article is intended for customers/Partners specially to understand how the API’s are built on top of SAP Commissions front end page.  While you reading the below information provided will make you understand how the data is retrieved from back-end via API’s to the front-end page in each workspace.

Based on research you completed, you can think of troubleshooting or building your own solution with API endpoints.


SAP Commissions – RestAPI filtering Parameter

SAP Commissions [Rest API] > Part 3 – API Documentation

To debug in your browser – Press F12 to understand all the endpoints for each page you click through SAP Commissions page.

Step 1 : Press F12 (Inspect Element) or right click on SAP Commissions Page and Select Network tab

Step 2 : Enable checkmark to Preserve log

Step 3 : On each page in left pane you click will open right Headers, Payload, Preview and Response which is important for you to understand to debug

Step 4 : Once you understand the logic, go to your Postman or any other IDE’s for testing it in local

An example how you can see ..

Also you can further go to Console tab to find if there any errors appears, if you find such you can report it SAP Support ticket to get that resolved.