SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 Release Highlights


SAP Commerce Cloud helps you deliver great commerce experiences central to your digital strategy.  The release of SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 (on May 25, 2022) reinforces our commitment as a long-term partner to our enterprise customers, supporting their growth, modernization, and efficiency.

This blog highlights just some of the new features and enhancements in this latest release and provides helpful resources to support you in taking advantage of them.

NOTE:  To supplement this blog, be sure to attend the SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 Release Briefing Webcast on June 2, 2022.  This link will also lead to the replay (after June 2).

Improved Usability

Administrators can now configure Themes and Branding in Backoffice and choose to set an organizational theme or allow individual users to select their own theme.  Backoffice provides two themes by default: SAP Quartz Light and SAP Quartz Dark.  Administrators can further create up to 10 additional custom themes (based on one of the two default themes).  Additionally, Administrators can replace the default SAP Logo with an image of their own choice in the login page and shell bar.


Commerce Cloud Backoffice Themes

The Compare View in the Backoffice Framework has been enhanced, allowing users to modify the compared items through dragging the attribute of an item and dropping it to the relevant field of another item.


Commerce Cloud Backoffice Compare View

Users may now directly send feedback about their Backoffice experience to SAP via a new Feedback button in the top system bar, to help SAP continue to enhance the product:


Commerce Cloud Backoffice Feedback button

Future-Proofing your Business with Secure Data and Processes

When creating or editing user profiles, Environment Permissions in Commerce Cloud can be upgraded from a subscription-based model to a more flexible environment-based model access to separate access for specific environments (e.g., development and production).

For customers that invested in their own privately hosted infrastructure or have higher security requirements than using a secured publicly available Git repository, Private Git Support allows you to connect your private code repository to SAP Commerce Cloud.

Major framework and library upgrades, including Java, Mockito, Groovy, allow for enhanced security, improved maintainability/support, and new feature/language/syntax capabilities.

Maximize Agility and Monetize Every Engagement

With continued investment in our Headless Commerce Coverage strategy, this release includes new Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs, which expose:

    • Future stock: “Tell me when new stock will arrive


Commerce Cloud Future Stock user experience

  • B2B Registration: “I want to force early login on my B2B storefront and enable B2B-account users to self-register”


Commerce Cloud B2B Registration user experience

  • Punchout: “Let me purchase from your site but send the order back to my procurement system (e.g., Ariba)


Commerce Cloud Punchout user experience

Project “Spartacus”, which develops our lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud, receives multiple enhancements, including:

  • SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD) Visualization Integration – provides support in Spartacus for visual picking of spare parts using 2D or 3D models when ordering replacement parts
  • Product Image Zoom – now supported
  • Quick/Bulk Order – now allows users to quickly add multiple items to their cart
  • B2B Inventory Display – allows sellers to control the display of the stock visible for a category of products or for the whole storefront


EPD Visualization with Spartacus

Optimize Every Engagement with In-the-Moment Personalization

Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) for SAP Commerce Cloud provides real-time personalization through Recommendations and Merchandising product carousels to drive customer loyalty. It also provides testing, reporting and management tooling to understand, monitor and improve personalization performance. Just some of the recent enhancements include:

  • Product Recommendation Carousels – for displaying trending, related, personalized, and recently viewed products
  • A/B Testing – to test the Product Recommendation Carousels against one another to establish the top performers on the site
  • Multi-Site Support – Artificial Intelligence-powered merchandising capabilities can be used on multiple sites sharing one instance
  • Dashboard Tiles – get an overview of your site(s) via a new start page displaying the status of tracking, catalog synchronization and Machine Learning training.


ISS Dashboard Tiles

Drive Profitable Growth with an Integrated “One-Office” Approach

Order Integration has been improved to integrate Order Capture for B2B Storefront Users with SAP S/4HANA to combine a holistic digital experience for B2B storefront users of SAP Commerce Cloud with feature-rich and comprehensive business rules in SAP S/4HANA Sales.


Order Intergration for B2B Storefront Users

For more details on all the above release features (and more) check out the following resources:


Are YOU on a Supported Release of SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP continuously releases new versions of Commerce Cloud to improve user experience through innovation and increased security, to provide an efficient and reliable platform, and to enhance personalization and integration options.

Outdated versions may increase your risk as patches (including bug and security vulnerability fixes) are not released for End of Mainstream Maintenance (EOMM) versions. Please consult the below online resources to ensure you are prepared for these, and future, SAP Commerce Cloud innovations:

Supported Releases

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