Post GM with own MVT type for GM initiated from EWM


In this blog post, we will discuss about how to post material documents with own defined MVT types for goods movements initiated from EWM system.

One simple example is – once we confirm put away WT in EWM then system posts 411 material document  in S4 core system for doing a transfer posting from ROD storage location to AFS storage location. Note: You can also work with only AFS storage location, There is no strict need to work with combination of ROD and AFS.

Solution Approach:

First thing that should come to your mind is- why system post transfer posting with MVT type 411?

Table /SCWM/TIMBWA will have answer to your question.

Now next question is – let say If I want to post transfer posting material document with 911 MVT type instead of 411 then how to setup this?

Ok- well, just create new MVT type 911 copying original MVT type 411.

Now go to below EWM customizing node to steer system to go to 911 from 411.

You are all done.

Now when you trigger any GM that was supposed to be posted with 411 in S4 core will be posted with MVT 911.

Just look at below example:

SAP standard setup-

Test with our new setup-


After following this blog post, you can setup the system to have your own defined MVT type for GM initiated from EWM system.

Thanks for your time to go through this blog post.

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