Personal Thoughts on the developer Insight survey

What was the Insight survey?  It was a survey that was given and could be taken by anyone last year.   I really liked seeing the results, and thought I’d write down what I was thinking….  And I’m wondering if anyone else saw some interesting information and what they thought about it.

Short about me – you can read more in my profile:

So a quick “about me”.   I am an in-house developer.   I do work with Fiori and Hana.   “Most” of our applications are moving towards 3rd party or our on-premise box.  I’ve been a bit worried about getting behind.   Although, of course, I am forever learning.  So that does help.

So some positive takeaways:

  1.  Yes!  Most companies were allowing work from home when the survey was taken.  Of course the pandemic was probably a higher concern at that point.
  2. Developer’s were at the top of the list for job role.   Well that is promising.   Of course it was a Developer’s survey
  3. Geography – I’m from the US, so it was good to see we are in the top 3.
  4. The big surprise for me was that most who answered were in-house developers.  I honestly thought consultants would be the highest.
  5. There are more people experienced in Web apps. / SaaS experience than I expected.
  6. Tools – ABAP Still wins!
  7. Online tutorials was much higher than I expected.

What does that mean for me

I mean I basically just told you what was on the survey for me.  Not what I planned on doing with it.

  1. Continue learning.   With a high concentration on front-end development.
  2. Working from home is a possibility with companies other than mine.  As we use more and more consultants, I may need to know that.  I really would hate back going into a company after enjoying around 10 years of working at home.   So this just gave me a better sense of security.
  3. Since I’ve tried a little bit of everything in my carrier and found my first love is technical.   That made my little heart happy.
  4. Web apps – it’s time to create at least one or two just for fun.
  5. online tutorials – that one is a hard one for me.  There are some areas I do follow.  But sometimes, they can lead you the wrong way.  I’m not sure how to get a better sense of what to watch and what could send me down a rabbit hole.  Of course, my favorite people are always a great source.  I’ll leave you some of my favorite at the end of this post.

What things weren’t as positive to me:

Honestly I’m a glass half full person.   So I think everything was good news.   I guess the exception was that I learn more.   Right now my job is crazy.   I’m learning at light speed, but not always what I need/want to learn.   Although learning is never a waste of time.   And it keeps me on my toes.   Thank goods for the SAP community.   I honestly have always thought, and still do that this is the place to learn and get answers.  It also has lead me to provide better solution in our meetings.  Yes, I still do architecture, requirements, and testing.   This is my kind of job.  Although I learn a lot about everything – so lately have learned anything deeply.  I hope that can change – you know –  when I get time.  HA!  I’m doing this blog while my development system is down.  I plan on learning some more on my weekends as I get a chance.   Right now No-code/low code is at the top of my list.


Please take some time and comment.   There are so many questions I have for you.   Feel free to answer one on none.  Or just generally comment.

  • Did you takeaway anything from the survey?
  • Will it change how you do something?
  • Do you have any other links that will take us to great training – it just has to be in you opinion – so what if someone else doesn’t like it.
  • What have you learned or are plan to learn in the future?   With all of the APIs available, do you see more 3rd party software?
  • And of course, these might give you ideas for some blogs too!

I do have time to stop and read comments.


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