Test SAP BTP SAP Leonardo Machine Learning OCR with Postman

Yesterday  one of our customers has requirement  to use OCR(Optical Character Recognition) to recognize the charactors in picture taken by smartphone and push the information to backend system . SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation has the Image Processing Services which  can be used to do OCR .

Today I want share  the process  of test Image Processing Services .

The following is the steps :

Step 1:  Check the entitlement for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation.

Step 2:  Create service instance for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation

Step 3:  Create service key for service instance ml_foundation1 created in  previous step

Note down the information for clientid, clientsecret, url, IMAGE_OCR_URL  for test in next step

Step 4: Test  Image Ocr with postman

prepare a picture in PNG. The service accepts PDF, JPG, and PNG files as input .

Filled the information from service key from previous step

The resule is the  content in the picture are recognized as output in text .

The end .

Best regards!

Jacky Liu