Build CAP Project using Low-Code-Based Full-Stack Cloud Application

Great news! The low-code application development in SAP Business Application Studio is now available out-of-the-box to all users and in SAP BTP Free-Tier!

This means that customers, partners, or individual developers, already using SAP Business Application Studio for professional development can now easily access low-code attributes, such as a development toolkit, visual user interface, reusable components, and more, directly from the dev space manager.

With the free-tier model, anyone can try out SAP Business Technology Platform capabilities for free including SAP Business Application Studio’s low-code tools! You can create and test full business applications that can be easily and safely moved to production later.

Step by Step walk through of building Sample Application for SAP CPQ

Click to Create Dev SpaceCreate your own project Dev Space Name and Select Low-Code-Based Full Stack Cloud Application
Click on your Project Name which will take you to Low Code Development Workspace

Create a New Project using Settings Icon

There are 2 ways to start your project

  1. Guided Development
  2. Low code development workspace

It gives you Step by Step Guided Development for building a application

Low code Development Workspace

Let’s start through Low code development workspace

Click Add Data Model ( Click + Icon)

Add Services ( Click + Icon)

Define your ProjectionDefine the properties of the fieldSelect anyone of your choice how user should access your Application (Read, Insert, Draft)

Add Sample Data ( Click + Icon)

you can either import your real data or create manually in next step

Add you real data or you can enable mock Data with number of rows you need and click Add

Add User Interfaces (Click + Icon)Select anyone of your choice to build your ApplicationSelect List DetailSelect Data objects and Click Finish

Define User Roles (Select anyone)

We have completed the Low code development in local

Let’s Preview your application

Low code Fiori App running in your local

Application preview with your sample data

Click Deploy to BTP

Enter your BTP Sub-account API endpoint and credentials which will prompt on your screen

Task Deployment started after your credentials are verified

Finally, we have deployed the application to BTP and Users can access the application anywhere, anytime
Let’s Launch the application and you can see its asking for authentication
Web Application preview and OData API endpoint is also available

Users can now access the application