SAP Inside Track Fortaleza 2022 – (3ª Edition) – October 29


SAP Inside Track Fortaleza will have its second edition in Fortaleza (Brazil) in 2021 on October 29, 2022

The event is present in several countries around the world. Its organizers are active members of the SAP Community with the aim of sharing knowledge and strengthening professionals among the participants.

The event has more than 10 years of existence in Brazil having been held in 11 different cities in 28 editions across the country.

Learn more about how to hold your SAP Inside Track event in your city through this link.




  • Acess to the event;
  • Acess to all the lectures;;
  • Candidates can be received to participate as a volunteer of the event;
  • Admissions to the event are free of charges can be made HERE;


Take this opportunity to share your knowledge and help us make this event even better.

Applications for lectures can be made at this LINK

  • A proposal with the title theme and a synopsis should be sent with the subject sitFOR
  • The lecture time is a maximum of 40 minutes.
  • The last day for submitting proposals is Friday, Set  20, 2022.
  • Wait for the contact of our team until Set 30 with confirmation.

Online lectures are possible and will be presented during the event week ( 24 Oct to 28 Oct )

Fortaleza, Brasil

  • October 29 2022  (Saturday)

8 am – Reception

9 am to 12 pm – Presentations / lectures

12h to 13:30 – Lunch

14h to 17:30 – Lectures

17:30 to 18:00 – Closing session

Online lectures are possible and will be presented in the week of the event ( 24 Oct to 28 Oct )

Amanda Almeida

Manuel Robalinho

Mauricio Studart

Jonys Arcanjo de Matos

Josieudes de Sousa Claudio

Alexandre Faraco

Joelson Matias