SAP Community Global Running Day in Mannheim – Wednesday 1st June 2022

Great initiative by Phil Cooley kicking off #GlobalRunningDay that gets celebrated all around the world on June 1st. Phil is running in Melbourne and called out for friends joining him. There is already some who followed through:
DJ Adams will be running in Manchester and Thomas Zurek will be running in Walldorf on that day.

I am based in Mannheim and hope to get some “Mannheimer” convinced to run with me my usual running track (well, not yet too usual, as I just recently started running again on a more regular basis, so don’t let me down) and that’s why:

Join the team initiated by Phil via this link

The plan is to meet in the morning and run from the Alte Feuerwache (in front of the café Alte Feuerwache) back to the Alte Feuerwache alongside the river Neckar (via the Neckarschleuse bridge). The trail is around 5 kilometers. As per the below map you will know where you’ll find the start line where my humble self and lovely colleagues Svea Becker and Mynyna Chau will be waiting for you.

Happy to meet afterwards for a quick coffee in the “Kleine Café” (Neckarstadt-Ost).

Alte Feuerwache Café // Brückenstraße 2, 68167 Mannheim

I am looking forward to having you join our Mannheim running team. If you plan on coming along, let us know in the comments below. If you will be running another route, at a different time, let us know, too and post your contribution (screenshot of running app, selfie of you, picture of your running trail) as a comment to this blog post. Surely, you can also walk, hike, cycle and share your physical activity with us.

Let’s blog it forward to more friends in SAP Community: Moshe Naveh – ready to put on your running shoes?