Support Spotlight: GoToAssist – what’s new?

In this short blog post we want to catch up a bit on what is going on with GoToAssist – the primary remote support tool used by SAP Business One Global Support.

A few years ago the tool was introduced as we announced in the LinkedIn article Support Spotlight: Let us all welcome “GoToAssist” Together!

In this blog post we will look at 3 advantages of using GoToAssist in a Support Environment, we will look at a recent change and we will let you know an upcoming new feature.


Privacy and security, unlike many other similar tools on the market, GoToAssist is not using third party infrastructure, the connection is between you and SAP.

Likewise, the recording, which is automatic, will be saved on your side, meaning you will have access to the session also after it has ended. If SAP wants a record of the meeting, SAP will have to ask You, not the other way around.

Further, GoToAssist uses significantly less bandwidth than other tools and that way offers a strong and stable connection. It also makes it a more viable tool to use in places where connection strength is an issue.

Recent Addition

When first launched GoToAssist came with some limitations, one being that only the first connection could share the screen. We are happy to announce that this limitation has now been removed. Any user connecting to the session can now share their screen.

Near Future Changes

What will soon be released will make it easier for Partners and SAP a like, to meet in instant meetings. The meeting will no longer have to be scheduled and it can with this change be started instantly also by an SAP employee. Ad hoc meetings will be significantly simplified.


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