Jump start to becoming a Partner Cloud solution Architect(PCA) for RISE with SAP

In this short blog, I wish to share one of the best learning courses provided by SAP for its partners to jump start with RISE with SAP for a Partner Cloud Solution architect (PCA) .

NOTE:Learning Hub access is mandatory for the same and you must be a partner with SAP under RISE.

This blog is valid for aspiring SAP Partner Cloud Solution architect who wishes to understand how to perform a RISE with SAP system sizing with FUE, how to pick up the t-shirt size for a customer, what are the components that is already part of RISE with SAP, SLAs,best practices, R&R, migration options , how to perform an assessment of customer landscape etc. In any RISE program, PCA plays a critical role from assessment to delivery and hence a detailed understanding of end-to-end process is critical for a successful delivery.

Steps to access this content:

Login to learning hub and search for the course “Indirect Sales Process for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition for Cloud Architect” in Learning content

to find the below course.

Click on this course and move on with the PART2 of the course. (PART1 is bit lengthy as it is a live recording unlike PART2. NOTE: Both covers basics from scratch)

PART 2 consists of pre-recorded videos which can vary between 5mins to 10 mins each and has very intriguing content as below.

Direct link to the index of this content =>https://dam.sap.com/mac/u/a/xSxHFiA.htm

(Supply your learning hub access credentials to access the video in the link)

Each of these are split as short recorded videos which aid in better understanding of the RISE construct .

Web assessment at the end will help with additional access to live sessions with experts

Happy learning and selling!