Experience New capabilities in Landscape and Release Management – Virtual Usability Test

In this Blog post I would like to explain

What is Virtual usability test

When its happening

How to register

As part of improving our product experience , we want to ensure the end users get the experience they expect. To ensure that our terms and screens are intuitive and the flow is natural. We engage in usability testing in which you get early access to our prototypes and can experience how the end product will look like. The advantages are

  • You get early previews of new capabilities
  • you help influence the product

Its happening May 17th to 19th. There is no cost to register. We have having Topic No 2

Discover how to model different business systems and tenants in the SAP Cloud ALM solution. Assign different landscape components to clusters and manage them together in a release supporting multiple parallel projects.

You can click the link below to register


Please note we are looking for participation from Partners and customers , Basically the end users performing these functions in actual customer projects .

You can read our topic description below

With people performing multiple roles , your actual title does not matter. You could be a Project lead , System administrator or a Release manager as long as you are interested in knowing how sysetm assignments happen in SAP cloud ALM and how can you keep your landscape organised

Done registering. Thanks . See you in the test. You can read this Master Blog post or visit Expert Portal and stay connected