World of Customer Experience – SAP Sapphire 2022

Session Title Description Unleash Sustainable Growth with Continuous CX100] Find out what you need to achieve consistently profitable commerce growth. Embrace agility, frictionless experiences, and the ability to scale without limits. Learn how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution can help you achieve these goals and get an understanding of the solution strategy and road map. Grow Your Business Faster with Experience-Driven B2B Commerce [CX101] Delight the modern buyer with self-service convenience and by simplifying the complex business-to-business (B2B) commerce experience. Explore how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution helps make complex tasks easier with rich B2B capabilities, comprehensive process integration, and an open and extensible innovation platform. Treat Your E-Commerce Journey Like a Mission to Mars [CX102] Most employees would rather join a special mission team than another IT project. When Merck Animal Health had a new e-commerce team and short timelines to deliver, its “mission to Mars” kicked off. See how this unique approach created a cohesive and cross-functionally trained team that rallies around each launch to a new market or geography. Do Commerce Anywhere While Making Profits Everywhere with Headless Commerce [CX103] Headless doesn’t have to mean brainless. From the metaverse to crypto payments, spend less time on integration and more time on delivering new, innovative digital experiences to engage the modern shopper. Learn how headless capabilities in the SAP Commerce Cloud solution help create new revenue streams across both traditional and emerging channels. Unlock Data to Win Competitive Advantages with Demand Signals [CX104] Drive profitable outcomes by connecting demand signals with your supply chain in real time. React to market changes in the moment by unlocking enterprise-wide data across the back and front offices. Take advantage of comprehensive integration between SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to become an intelligent enterprise. Become a Digital Commerce Leader with Insights from Oxford Economics [CX105] Learn about the top industry obstacles and opportunities for 500 digital commerce professionals. Get expert insights and best practices from digital commerce leaders that can help you run a more innovative, profitable, and scalable digital business. Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud with a Trusted Partner [CX118] Learn how SAP Preferred Success services helped American apparel company Carhartt Inc. adjust to a cloud-only working model with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Understand the challenges and risks of shifting the cloud, and learn how SAP Preferred Success acts as a trusted advisor, provides guidance, and safeguards your transformation. Move Beyond Transactional Commerce for Compelling Customer Experiences [CX119] Find out how South Shore Industries Ltd. grew brand awareness and optimized opportunities available in its direct-to-consumer sales channel. The designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture did all this using SAP Customer Experience solutions. Bolster E-Commerce Revenue with Customer Service [CX132] In the digital economy, omnichannel customer service is increasingly replacing in-store service, supporting buyers throughout their purchase and increasing e-commerce conversion. Find out how the SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions work together to deliver smooth shopping experiences that improve customer and business outcomes. Learn How Carhartt Fueled Digital Growth from Workwear to Streetwear [CX136] Apparel company Carhartt Inc. is fit for the next frontier with the latest e-commerce and mobile shopping capabilities. With viral shopping becoming a new normal, unexpected peaks can happen at any moment. Find out how Carhartt leverages the latest commerce technology to help ensure a near-frictionless shopping experience, regardless of channel. Build Sweet Business-to-Business Relationships [CX138] Discover Hershey’s recipe for a successful customer experience transformation. Learn about the reasons and benefits of its migration to the SAP Commerce Cloud solution and how it is achieving wholistic business-to-business success. Streamline Business-to-Business Customer Onboarding [CX139] Discover how Generac Holdings Inc., a leader in backup power solutions, increased revenue and profitability and reduced onboarding times from months to days. Explore how the company digitally transformed its dealer customer experience using the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Integrate Your ERP and E-Commerce Systems to Boost Profits and Market Share [CX143] Know your customers better, no matter how they shop, and offer them a near-frictionless experience from click to delivery. The ease of integrating your ERP with your commerce platform helps put your whole organization behind every transaction and make each customer feel like your only customer. Saving the Lives of Animals Through Human-Friendly E-Commerce [CX145] In under 18 months, Merck Animal Health launched an e-commerce business spanning multiple business models and geographies. Now, it can get critical medication from the production center to animals in days. Explore how Merck uses the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to streamline operations and delight customers with consumer-grade experiences. Learn How an Iconic Clothing Brand Stays Relevant with the Next Generation [CX146] How does Levi Strauss & Co. stay so popular? By delivering elevated experiences, fashion, and consistency to its customers. Explore how Levi’s used the latest e-commerce and personalization trends to better serve customers and grow revenue nearly 60% on all digital channels over two years. Scale B2B E-Commerce for Value and Growth [CX151] Find out how Southern Glazer’s e-commerce platform Proof Commerce generated $1 billion in revenue, serving more than 100,000 customers in the first full year of launch and doubling each year. Hear how the company transforms the customer experience by offering 24×7 self-service while also creating seamless connectivity to sales and service teams. Powering Profitable Growth with Digital Commerce [CX402] See how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution can help you turn market uncertainty and evolving customer expectations into profitable growth. Whatever your industry or business model, our scalable, integrated, and extensible solution lets you focus on continuous innovation while simplifying complex operations and minimizing business risk.​