Disclosure Management – xHTML without tags

In case you need to create an xHTML file meeting ESEF standards, but it does not require tags (e.g. for Dutch companies who need to file an “enkelvoudige jaarrekening”, see here ) you can use a simple workaround in Disclosure Management.

1) Create a period with Word, Instance and taxonomy reports

2) In the taxonomy report, upload a base and import the entry point

E.g. http://www.esma.europa.eu/taxonomy/2019-03-27/esef_cor.xsd

3) In the Instance, link to this entry point

4) Word report
Create a single chapter. In this chapter you upload the complete document that you want to convert
Generate the Word report, so now the Report is 1:1 with the chapter

Note: use an ’empty’ template (Default.dotx) so no changes are made in the format

5) Generate the Instance
Do not use preview/validation/package etc.

Note: ignore the warning about no facts

6) The revision is created

7) The instance is a HTML, based on the Word report without inline tags