Synchronization issues in gCTS

I just finished the opensap course DevOps for ABAP with gCTS in SAP S/4HANA

Lots of excellent content like advice on dockerization and hands-on experience with gCTS

And some confusing advice on branch switching on shared dev systems (which I find almost impossible to reconcile with a sane git based workflow.

One of the exercises though gave an unexpected result, as gCTS tells me my system is up to date with the latest commit on github:

…but the source code doesn’t match:

It might depend on me doing something wrong, but it’s not obvious what, and I already tried to update to the latest commit multiple times

I don’t have access to the system anymore, I was late with my exercises, but this is really scary.

I suspect this has to do with the synchronization between the local repository and the code in DEV

As I understand, gCTS has a copy of the code in a server folder, and syncs it both with the git repository and the ABAP server. I suspect there’s some bug in the last step.