MOVE NOW: Import your SAP Intelligent RPA projects into SAP Process Automation

Two month ago SAP announced the GA of SAP Process Automation with the combined power of SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Workflow Management. Today I want to show you how easy you can move your automations from SAP Intelligent RPA to SAP Process Automation.


You can migrate your SAP Intelligent RPA projects to SAP Process Automation if your project does not contains desktop studio projects or the SAP Intelligent RPA process artifact.


In the first step you will export your project. Therefor you access your SAP Intelligent RPA Factory select the Project tab and click on the project.

In the project overview you will find the export button in the upper right corner. Click on the button.

Now you have two options, you select here the SAP Process Automation option and click on Export.

The project will be saved in a folder on your system as a zip file.

Everything done to prepare the move to SAP Process Automation.


You will find the import feature on the Lobby page on the right upper corner. Click on it.

You can now browse your file system to get the zip file.

Select the zip file form the export.

Click on Import to upload the zip file with your SAP Intelligent RPA project.

After a view seconds you can see the imported project ready for use with SAP Process Automation.


You learned how easy you can migrate your SAP Intelligent RPA projects to SAP Process Automation.

Try it out TODAY.

For more information on SAP Process Automation, please refer to the following sources: