Experience the What’s New Viewer of SAP Asset Performance Management

The scope of the SAP Asset Performance Management steadily increases as the product grows and our developers add numerous features. We now have a one-stop-shop for all the updates and changes with our What’s New content. We also now cater to your individual needs and requirements, wherein you can find out what changes are applicable to you. We know you would like to see only the features that are of interest to you.

When using the What’s New Viewer for SAP Asset Performance Management, you can use filter options on the content that you want to see according to your needs.

Here are the various options that you have in the What’s New viewer, for you to view the relevant content.

1 – You have all the content on one page with a separate entry for each component for a given date, tagged for the relevant capability and environment, and by the type of information you are shown – new, changed, announcement, deprecated, limitation, preview.1

2 – You can filter the contents by Category, Application, Type, and time period. You can also see a preview of some upcoming releases.2

3 – If you want, you can search for something specific using the “Search” bar on top of the filtering capabilities, and this changes the page URL just as filtering does.3

4 – You can export, print, or share your selection.4

5 – And last, but not least, you can switch between views (Table and List) using the thumbnails.5

Share your opinion and experience on using the What’s New Viewer, in the comments below.