Optimize Your SAP Solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform

If your company is like most, you’ve already deployed SAP’s lines of business (LOB) applications, such as our customer experience (CX), digital supply chain (DSC), human experience management (HXM), or intelligent spend business network (ISBN) solutions, along with your SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management systems.

To thrive in dynamic conditions, however, you also need to increase your company’s agility and resilience. These LOB solutions provide a proven framework for adopting industry best practices, and they can significantly increase productivity and speed. Yet, while SAP LOB solutions come ready-to-use, every company has distinct requirements on their business outcomes, and the solutions they adopt to get there.

How can we ensure that all applications are easy to use and that they support your business processes end to end, even across complex system landscapes? Knowing that a connected, integrated data landscape offers near limitless potential for improving business outcomes, SAP created an open, integrated, business-centric platform that brings together all the critical areas of technology that you need to accelerate innovation.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a single unified environment, optimized for SAP applications, to innovate and future-proof the way your business runs. This includes a connected application development environment, data and analytics, integration tools, and everything you need to take advantage of the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence innovations. SAP BTP is a comprehensive solution that supports new business processes and workflows, and leverages your existing data and applications, whether you are a pro-developer or a technology-savvy business user.

SAP BTP contains all the prepackaged, end-to-end business content and tools to let your you build new innovations and functionalities into your existing products, thereby giving the optimal user experiences and solutions for the future.

How our LOB customers benefit from SAP BTP:

SAP BTP for SAP CX: Customer relationship management and customer experience play a key role in the organization’s success, through in-depth customer understanding, effective engagement across every touchpoint, and exceptional delivery of a personal experience. Combining the power of SAP CX solutions with SAP BTP can provide real-time insights and data to optimize every customer interaction with your company.

SAP BTP for SAP DSC: The digital supply chain plays a key role in the success of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise, with the customer at the center of the business. With full transparency across networks, you can improve reliability and performance. With SAP BTP, you can combine the latest technologies, such as AI, automation, and the IoT, with supply chain processes to respond quickly to new opportunities and protect your employees and planet.

SAP BTP for SAP HXM: HR and people engagement play a key role in the organization’s success through cohesive experiences that improve engagement. You can link people strategies to business priorities and gain full organizational visibility into talent and related finances. Business analytics drive day-to-day and long-term decision making. SAP BTP provides the key capabilities to integrate and extend your existing HR solutions to work better together, provide better employee experiences, and surpass your employee experience goals.

SAP BTP for SAP F&R: Finance and risk plays a key role in the success of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise through offering CFOs, Treasurers, Compliance Officers, etc., what they need to know and have for the agility, speed, and transformation of their businesses needs.

SAP BTP for SAP ISBN: Optimize direct and indirect procurement, travel and expense, and external workforce and services spend for greater insight, control, and savings. SAP BTP and SAP intelligent spend solutions empower employees with fast, intuitive, and unified procurement processes. SAP BTP provides the latest innovations to enhance your buying experience with total spend visibility and supplier oversight.

If you are an SAP customer, you are already running our mission-critical core solutions. We are your ongoing partner: We know and understand your industry trends, and how you want to succeed. With SAP BTP, you can inject future-proof innovation right into your existing solutions and become a sustainable, intelligent enterprise.

Next steps:

  • Contact your SAP Account Executive or Customer Success Partner for a demo that brings to life the benefits of SAP BTP with a practical use case
  • Collaborate with SAP in reviewing the effectiveness of your current processes and systems for your specific needs, and identify improvement opportunities to be addressed by your current SAP solutions
  • Build the business case with SAP to increase the buy­-in and likelihood of success for the SAP BTP business transformation