SAP Academic Board DACH

We would like to introduce our  SAP Academic Board DACH here in our Community. We are 16 active colleagues, each elected by the community for two years.

Our vision: “Together we develop sustainable teaching and learning concepts in teaching and research. As the Academic Board, we promote active communication and see ourselves as an innovative link between the SAP community and SAP and the SAP Competence Centers.”

Our mission:

  • We promote networking and the exchange of experiences between teachers and researchers in the context of business, processes and IT. The exchange is promoted by organizing and implementing joint events.
  • We bring together interested and motivated experts from different subject areas and specialist areas.
  • We provide the framework for determining the needs of teachers/learners and companies.
  • We work together with SAP and the Competence Centers on a financeable use of the offers.
  • We promote further training and networking between teachers and young talents in cooperation with the SAP community.

According to our mission we are working on a lot of activities such as building up curricula, networking with other Academic Boards and planning our next Academic Conference.

Academic Conference – a MeetUp for all Community Members and more…

One of our highlights is our yearly Community Conference – in 2021 at Zepplin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Here we exchange teaching experiences and get in contact with our community members, companies, other researchers, and other communities.

We are planning our next Community Conference – to behold in Magdeburg, Germany, from September, 12th – 13th. We look forward to meeting you all there and talking to you. If you want to learn more about our work – join our conference or just add a comment here.