Key User Adaptation in SAP Launchpad service is available out-of-the-box

As an SAP customer, you have plenty of SAP standard apps to choose from, covering a wide range of use cases. As an SAP partner, you can use SAPUI5 and other technologies and tools to build custom apps for specific use cases. However, apps may not be the perfect fit for all end users working in various roles. Some may need a simpler user interface, others need additional UI elements, some want to save time by having certain filters applied automatically, and so on.

SAPUI5 flexibility empowers various personas to adapt standard applications so that they fit the business processes best. Developers, key users, and end users themselves can tailor the user interface, making it more efficient, easier to use, and better accepted by end users. SAPUI5 flexibility is available on various platforms.

Specifically for apps running on SAP Business Technology Platform, Cloud Foundry environment we offer the UI5 flexibility for key users service which can be added to those apps, see the respective documentation.

To leverage key user adaptation for applications served by the SAP HTML5 Application Repository service for SAP BTP, the functionality is now integrated into the SAP Launchpad service out-of-the-box. Developments within individual apps are no longer necessary.

Customers can benefit from key user adaptation by

  1. Enabling the site for key user adaptation: Switch on the service ‘Key User Adaptation’ in the site settings according to Configure Site Settings.
  2. Assigning the customer’s key user(s) to the FlexKeyUser role: With this, key users get the ‘Adapt UI‘ option in their user menu and can adapt standard apps, work on drafts and finally activate the changes.

All business users will then see a tailored UI, which fits their needs.

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