Architecting, Solutioning & Scaling Complex Apps using SAP BTP Extension Suite: Real Time CAPM Scenarios

In this series of Blogs, I would be discussing about Architecting, Solutioning, designing complex Cloud Application Programming Model based applications using SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) Extension Suite.

Blog Posts in this Series

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  • Introduction to Business use case and Real time scenario  / Requirement and High Level Architecture Overview ( Current Blog)
  • Architecting require BTP Setup for the Green field implementations.
  • Identify the right services and subscription based on the sizing and scalability
  • Development Architecture, Designing and Development with various Business scenarios
  • Security Architecture with various prospects with Authentication & Authorization
  • Key Learnings / Challenges / Troubleshooting

While Working as Solution Architect for many SAP BTP’s Project, I have come across numerous Real time Business Scenarios which made me big fan of CAPM (Cloud Application Programming Model) Framework.

Extensions can be built on cloud-based systems like SAP S4HANA Cloud, Success factor, Concur, Ariba etc and have full flexibility to consume cloud-based services. Complex Real Time Business Processes can be flawlessly successfully managed using the SAP BTP’s extension & integration suite outside the core ERP which helps to “Keep the Core Clean”.

Business Vision with SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)

  • End to End Business Process Mapping with ease of scalability
  • Keep the Core Clean, Decouple Complex Business Logic from the Core
  • One Central Launch Pad / One System for Accessing any applications
  • Any Where, Any Device with increased productivity
  • Accelerated Development with multi skilled resources working on common platform
  • Highly Secured, Single Sign on, High Availability and cost effective

Real Time Business Scenario Architecting  / Solutioning  with SAP BTP Extension Suite

Let’s start with one Real time complex Business Process scenario and will discuss about various Architecting, Solutioning, Designing Approaches using CAPM (Cloud Application Programming Model) on BTP Extensions Suite for the same:

High Level Architecture / Key Business Process Mapping

  • Custom Complex Approval Process involve Multi Level Approval Process with ERP Posting
  • Consumption of various Cloud APIs for getting specific Business Data
  • Multi Document Attachment Functionality, PDF Printing
  • Role Based Application Access and Application Data
  • Backend Document Postings, Email Notification, Workflow Approval


High Level Architecture : End to End Process Mapping

Technical Architecture  with above Scenario

Further Lower level Technical Architecture for the above Requirement.

Please note not all the services are shown below


Technical Architecture

Next Steps:

In the current  blog, I have discussed about the Real Time Business Scenario, Business vision and Architectural understanding.  In the upcoming blogs I would be deep diving into Architecting require BTP setup & services, configuration etc. Stay Tuned.

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