SAP LBN-GTT: How to solve Error Controller operation failed: 422 – Unprocessable Entity during TPOF app settings.

Hi colleagues,

I am writing this article to help some SAP Consultants around the world, like me, implementing SAP LBN-GTT.

During the execution of Package and Deploy settings of TPOF (Tracking Purchase Orders Fulfillment) app., we faced the error message below:
Error Starting application “gtt-ui-sample-track-purcahseorders_ui_deployer”: Controller operation failed: 422 Unprocessable Entity: CF- UnprocessableEntity(100008): memory quota_exceed


We noticed a missing “Pre-Req” configuration mentioned in SAP TPOF Implementation Guide.
Item 1.1 Enable Cloud Foundry and Create Space
Quota space assignment in BTP.

No Quota Memory Space was assigned in Cloud Foundry Space.
Which means that our app doesn’t have Cloud Server Memory allocated to allow his execution.

After we added Quota Space, this issue was solved and we were able to deploy it.
I hope this tip can help you, in case you face this issue.

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