Extending GOS with Create Multiple Attachment


Intent of this blog post is provide a working prototype for additional GOS service to upload multiple attachment together in one go.

Business Requirement

Some time it is difficult for users to upload 7-8 documents in GOS using the option ‘Create Attachment’, as the same steps needs to be repeated several times. So users require a new option ‘To upload multiple attachments from GOS’ to avoid repetitive steps.


To add a new service in GOS toolbar. we need to add an entry in table ‘SGOSATTR‘. Since we are gonna create option for multiple attachments. Below steps indicate how to add new option in GOS for multiple attachment as ‘Create Multiple Attachment’.


New Service Create Multiple Attachment

Follow below steps to have new service under Create option as Create Attachment Multiple

  1.  Go to SM30 T-code and open table ‘SGOSATTR’. You will see something like this.Table%20View%20SGOSATTR
  2. Now double-click on record named ‘PCATTA_CREA’. This option is nothing but the ‘Create Attachment’ under ‘Create’ option.Create%20Attachment%20option%20details
  3. Now click on the ‘Copy As’ button/F6 next to ‘New Entries’ and update it according to below image. Update the ‘Name of service‘ as per you and mainly update ‘Class f.Gen.Service‘ to ‘ZCL_GOS_SERVICE‘ new ABAP class from T-code ‘SE24’ and update the ‘Next Service to ‘RESUBMISSION‘. Make sure to unflag both ‘Control‘ and ‘Commit Required‘.Create%20Attachment%20Multiple%20option%20detailsFor details of each option refer to link 1 in reference section
  4. Now Double Click on option ‘BARCODE‘ in the table and Update ‘Next service’ option to ‘PCAT_CREA_M‘ this is the name for Service ‘Create Attachment Multiple’, so that it is visible after the ‘Enter Bar Code‘ option under ‘Create‘ option in GOS.BARCODE%20option%20details
  5. Now edit the ABAP class ‘ZCL_GOS_SERVICE‘ which we have created in step 3. Inherit the class ‘CL_GOS_SERVICEZCL_GOS_SERVICE
  6. Now go to Methods tab and redefine the method ‘Execute’ and add the following code in the method.Methods
     ##NEEDED DATA: lt_file_table TYPE filetable, lv_rc TYPE i, lv_action TYPE i, lv_len TYPE so_doc_len, lt_content TYPE soli_tab, ls_fol_id TYPE soodk, ls_obj_id TYPE soodk, ls_obj_data TYPE sood1, lt_objhead TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF soli, lv_ext TYPE string, lv_fname TYPE string, lv_path TYPE string, lv_path1 TYPE string, lv_filename TYPE string, ls_note TYPE borident, lv_ep_note TYPE borident-objkey, ls_object TYPE borident, lo_objhead TYPE REF TO cl_bcs_objhead, lv_object_type TYPE soodk-objtp, lv_put_to_kpro TYPE sonv-flag, lv_filetype TYPE rlgrap-filetype. * import multiple files from PC CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog EXPORTING window_title = 'Import Files' ##NO_TEXT initial_directory = 'c:\' multiselection = 'X' CHANGING file_table = lt_file_table rc = lv_rc user_action = lv_action EXCEPTIONS file_open_dialog_failed = 1 cntl_error = 2 error_no_gui = 3 not_supported_by_gui = 4 OTHERS = 5. ##NEEDED IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here ENDIF. * Logic to add to multiple attachments LOOP AT lt_file_table ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<lfs_file>). CLEAR: lv_path, lv_filename, lv_fname, lv_ext, lv_len, lt_content, ls_fol_id, ls_obj_data, ls_obj_id, ls_note, lo_objhead, lv_object_type,lv_put_to_kpro, lv_filetype, lt_objhead . lv_path = <lfs_file>-filename. TRY .
    * method to split directory and filename cl_bcs_utilities=>split_path( EXPORTING iv_path = lv_path IMPORTING ev_path = lv_path1 ev_name = lv_filename ).
    * method to split filename to name & extension cl_bcs_utilities=>split_name( EXPORTING iv_name = lv_filename IMPORTING ev_name = lv_fname ev_extension = lv_ext ). CATCH cx_bcs. CLEAR: lv_path,lv_path1,lv_filename, lv_fname, lv_ext. ENDTRY. IF lv_path IS NOT INITIAL. CALL FUNCTION 'SO_OBJECT_UPLOAD' EXPORTING filetype = lv_filetype path_and_file = lv_path no_dialog = 'X' IMPORTING filelength = lv_len act_filetype = lv_filetype act_objtype = lv_object_type file_put_to_kpro = lv_put_to_kpro TABLES objcont = lt_content EXCEPTIONS file_read_error = 1 invalid_type = 2 x_error = 3 object_type_not_allowed = 4 kpro_insert_error = 5 file_to_large = 6 OTHERS = 7. ##NEEDED IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here ENDIF. lo_objhead = cl_bcs_objhead=>create( lt_objhead[] ). lo_objhead->set_filename( lv_filename ). lo_objhead->set_format( lv_filetype ). lo_objhead->set_vsi_profile( cl_bcs_vsi_profile=>get_profile( ) ). lt_objhead[] = lo_objhead->mt_objhead. * get the folder id where to add attachment for the BO ##FM_SUBRC_OK CALL FUNCTION 'SO_FOLDER_ROOT_ID_GET' EXPORTING region = 'B' IMPORTING folder_id = ls_fol_id EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. ##NEEDED IF sy-subrc <> 0. ENDIF. ls_obj_data-objdes = lv_fname. ls_obj_data-file_ext = lv_object_type. ls_obj_data-objlen = lv_len. IF NOT lv_put_to_kpro IS INITIAL. ls_obj_data-extct = 'K'. ENDIF. * add the attachment data to the folder ##FM_SUBRC_OK CALL FUNCTION 'SO_OBJECT_INSERT' EXPORTING folder_id = ls_fol_id object_type = 'EXT' object_hd_change = ls_obj_data IMPORTING object_id = ls_obj_id TABLES objhead = lt_objhead objcont = lt_content EXCEPTIONS active_user_not_exist = 35 folder_not_exist = 6 object_type_not_exist = 17 owner_not_exist = 22 parameter_error = 23 OTHERS = 1000. ##NEEDED IF sy-subrc <> 0. ENDIF. ls_object-objkey = gs_lporb-instid. ls_object-objtype = gs_lporb-typeid. ls_note-objtype = 'MESSAGE'. CONCATENATE ls_fol_id-objtp ls_fol_id-objyr ls_fol_id-objno ls_obj_id-objtp ls_obj_id-objyr ls_obj_id-objno INTO ls_note-objkey. * link the folder data and BO for attachment in gos ##FM_SUBRC_OK CALL FUNCTION 'BINARY_RELATION_CREATE_COMMIT' EXPORTING obj_rolea = ls_object obj_roleb = ls_note relationtype = 'ATTA' EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. ##NEEDED IF sy-subrc <> 0. ENDIF. ENDIF. ENDLOOP. IF lt_file_table IS NOT INITIAL . MESSAGE s043(sgos_msg). go_model->set_check_atta_list( ). ELSE. MESSAGE s042(sgos_msg). ENDIF.​
  7. If you want this new option to enabled for only certain T-codes, then redefine method ‘CHECK_STATUS‘ and additional code for enable/disable based on conditions.

for more details regarding methods to redefine and inheritance refer link 2 in reference section


Now you will get new option in GOS as below.


When you click on the new option, you can select multiple documents and upload it together.

GOS Attachment list.


We can create a new GOS service for uploading multiple documents together by adding an entry in Table ‘SGOSATTR’ and also by inheriting the class ‘CL_GOS_SERVIVE’ in your class and redefining method ‘EXECUTE’.


Link 1: http://zevolving.com/2008/10/generic-object-services-gos-toolbar-part-1-add-new-option-in-the-toolbar/

Link 2: http://zevolving.com/2008/11/generic-object-services-gos-toolbar-part-2-handle-added-service-in-the-toolbar/

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