Loyalty March Release 2022

I am excited to update you about our March release.

The biggest feature we were working on is our new Spend plan with the option of adding cashback vouchers.

The Spend plan is a loyalty program where your members don’t accrual points. Instead, the members upgrade to a higher tier according to their spending. The higher tier they are in, the more benefits they get.

You have now the option to offer your members to accumulate cashback which they can then redeem into a discount voucher.


Cashback voucher

You have the option to configure:

  • If there should be a limit on the accumulation of cashback
  • What the limit should be
  • When the accumulated cashback should expire

Referral program update

After getting feedback from our clients we made a small change to our referral program. Starting from now it isn’t mandatory anymore to send the “friend” the voucher code via email! You can now choose how the code should be delivered to the “friend”:

  • Via email
  • Just show in the wallet
  • Email and wallet


Referral setting

More information can be found here.