Extend Overview page by using Adapt UI – In app Extensibility

Dear All,

In this blog I will show you what can be added in standard fiori overview page by using Adapt UI functionalities / In-app Extensibility in fiori launchpad.

SAP is helping us for avoiding the technical dependency no need to write much logic, inside the app we have many things to do now.

Functional people will defiantly like it as they can also do this without much knowledge and dependency.

For example I am taking the procurement overview page app which is available in S/4hana on-premise as well as S/4HANA cloud.


Procurement Overview Page

The Procurement Overview shows, at a glance, the most important information and tasks relevant for you right now. The information is displayed on set of actionable cards. You can therefore focus on the most important tasks, enabling faster decisions and immediate action.

The cards show you the most important information ranked according to relevance. For example, on the Monitor Purchase Contracts card, you can see the consumption and expiry date per contract. You can then decide to change a contract by selecting it.

I am using S/4Hana 2021 system and fiori launchpad to show this functionalities.


Procurement Overview Page Tile

Let me launch the tile and show you adapt UI button in ME area of fiori launchpad.


Adapt UI – ME Area

Let me show you the screen after clicking on Adapt UI Button


App after clicking on Adapt UI Button

Let me show you few more functionalities

Right click on any card ,once you click you will be able to see screen like below

Add Card -> only existing cards which is available for this app

Hide Card , copy, cut, Create link list etc. some more functionalities available.

Edit Card – We can edit the cards, Let me go in more details. Click on Edit card (Highlighted in red color)

Screen will be visible like below after clicking on Edit Button, Here you can change the view name KPI value, Type of charts etc. once you save after changing the values card will be updated with latest data.

Let me show you one more functionality – click on Add KPI Card


Add KPI Card

Screen will be open like below – see all the open KPI’s

Select the kpi from the list, i have selected highlighted one


Select KPI

I have changed the name as well and saved it

Changed card name and save

Waao card has been added inside the app, look below highlighted one

                                                             waao card added

Now you can save/Publish and transport, and even if you do not like you can reset the changes


Here in this blog we have talked about the capabilities of In-App extensions in fiori launchpad.

Few more functionalities you can explore, you can change the filter name and hide filters. You can change whatever functionalities is available for changes in standard approach.

Hope you all will like it. it’s amazing 🙂

Keep Exploring and Happy Learning.

Thanks and Regards

Naveen Kumar Jain