Things to Know About the Fiscal Year Change in Asset Accounting

Do you have questions about the fiscal year change in Asset Accounting? – Perhaps you are wondering what to consider for the balance carryforward.

For example, the balance carryforward has already been executed and you are asking yourself: Do I need to re-execute it after I post to the previous fiscal year (YYYY-1)?
The answer is: No, you do not need to perform the balance carryforward again in this case. The system has already executed the balance carryforward automatically at the end of the fiscal year (YYYY-1) and at the start of the fiscal year (YYYY). This means that the system automatically transfers all subsequent postings for fiscal year YYYY-1 to the current fiscal year YYYY.

Are you asking yourself: What are the prerequisite circumstances in which I can close a fiscal year or how I should best handle a new company code?

For answers to these and other questions, see the FAQ document in the Asset Accounting product assistance on the SAP Help Portal.
For SAP S/4HANA Cloud, check out the SAP Help Portal under Fiscal Year Change in Asset Accounting: FAQ