Support Spotlight: Renewal of SSL Certificate to connect with EDICOM


In this blog post we would like to make you aware that EDICOM is renewing his SSL Certificate and the changes you will need to perform in order to continue to work without any disruption.

As of March 22, 2022, PAC Edicom is changing the SSL certificate. Due to this change, the corresponding certificate in B1i needs to be changed, else the stamping process of electronic documents will be stopped.

So if your customer is stamping with B1i, please review the SAP Note 2271455 – MX_Mappings and Scenarios for Electronic Documents.

On this note we are providing the file which is a package includes a new certificate from Edicom for update in the B1i Bizstore.

In order to import there are two options in general, which depends of B1i versions:

  • through SCENARIOS -> Import.


  • to /

Please note that if the customer is using EDS to stamp documents, he will not be impacted.

Do not wait until the time is up! Please download the new file with the updated certificate and test it soon as possible!

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