Optimize your Customer Data Cloud Screen-Sets with A/B Testing


Are your registration and login screens meeting your customers’ expectations from a user experience standpoint? Are they meeting or exceeding your expectations in terms of conversion rates?  Can you improve your conversion rates by making improvements to your existing screens?


Conversion Funnel

Having come to SAP from Adobe Systems where I was a Customer Success Manager for our strategic banking clients, site optimization was at the core of our business.  One of my clients had a team of over 25 people solely dedicated, full time, to site optimization, A/B and Multivariate testing across every site and mobile app.  Testing allowed them to learn how their customers interacted with their digital properties, where their sites and apps fell short, and where / why people were dropping from the conversion funnel.  This testing practice was so critical to their success that they would report revenue impact resulting from their optimization practice.  Word spread among different digital teams internally who began to line up to participate in the optimization practice with the goal of exceeding their conversion and revenue targets.


AB Testing

Testing and optimization is not a new concept for anyone who works in digital.  We measure everything.  We make changes, we test, and we measure again.  We make improvements, the process continues, and nobody ever says “Well, that’s good enough!”.  A very small percentage increase in engagement metrics and funnel conversion rates can produce millions in revenue on the other side.  This is why we test, optimize and test again.

But until now, there was not an easy way within SAP Customer Data Cloud to test one of the most important metrics, the conversion of an anonymous visitor into a loyal customer through a completed registration flow.  Yes, we could previously build a variety of screen sets, set up our web analytics tool to do some monitoring of the conversion funnel, and then iterate on our learnings.  But that was clumsy and complex.


AB Test Analytics

We have recently released a new feature to simplify testing and optimizing our registration and login forms.  Discover A/B testing, a new feature now available in SAP Customer Data Cloud which allows you test, optimize and iterate changes to your UX on the fly.

Click here to read more about A/B testing in our SAP Customer Data Cloud documentation.