SAP E-Mobility & SAP Concur integration deep dive


You have activated your SAP E-Mobility subscription successfully. Now it is time to setup the scenario for charge@home for your business.  You are looking for a deep dive of the one time  integration setup and want to understand technical possibilities.

Charge@home is defined as employees charging their EV cars at home.  The electrical consumption resulting the home charge is being reimbursed by the company.  While SAP E-Mobility is collecting the charging history, the reimbursement is done via SAP Concur integration automatically.

The documentation assumes the same user ID will be used for the initial integration setup.  Within this blog post we will discuss the requirement of using 2 different user ID’s, as SAP E-Mobility and SAP Concur IDs cannot be combined.


  • Initial integration set up of SAP E-Mobility and SAP Concur.
  • The SAP Concur userID needs the “Web Services Administrator” role
  • The E-Mobility userID should be assigned to the “EmspManager” and “SAP_EMSP_Manager” roles
  • You are familiar with the SAP Help documentation and can access it.

           SAP E-Mobility
.SAP Admin guide
Connecting to SAP Concur. The following blog post gives more insights to this URL.

Preparation: Architecture

  • Supported architecture of SAP E-Mobility and SAP Concur Integration

Scenario: 1 SAP Concur Tenant and 1 SAP E-Mobility Subaccount

                   Scenario: Multiple SAP Concur Tenants and 1 SAP E-Mobility Subaccount  

SAP Concur connected to multiple SAP E-Mobility subaccounts is not supported.

Preparation: Trust Configuration

  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is using the Default SAP Identity Provider within the SAP E-Mobility subaccount. The E-Mobility application for the user authorizations is set up with the Default SAP Identity Provider.

    How to check:  Logon to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) cockpit, locate the SAP E-Mobility subaccount and the Trust Configuration under the menu Security on the left.  In the next screenshots there are two Trust Configurations active, the Default one and the Custom. If a custom Trust Configuration is being used, please ensure the roles will be updated accordingly.

  • Within SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)  the collective role has been created for the integration setup. Single roles EmspManager and SAP_EMSP_Manager needs to be included. If you assign the collective role to your user, close and re-open your browser to clear the cache or use an incognito window.

    In case of custom Trust Configuration for the E-Mobility application, the collective role needs be pointing to it.

    The next screenshot contains the collective role within the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) cockpit, with the single roles EmspManager and SAP_EMSP_Manager and no custom Trust Configuration.

Integration setup

The initial integration setup will be started with the SAP Concur tenant login and from there connecting to SAP E-Mobility subaccount will be created.

1. URL prefixes

The link to the SAP Concur Marketplace is given in the SAP E-Mobility documentation, from where you can jump directly into the SAP Concur Marketplace.  It can happen your browser includes a prefix such as ‘‘  in the link.  Please make sure to cut off the prefix and use the correct URL.

The SAP Concur Marketplace  should be ‘

2. Single Sign On (SSO)

SAP Concur system might require a Single Sign On.  You want to make sure to logon to the SAP Concur Marketplace via Single Sign On or your certificate once. Following the logon, you need to call the SAP Concur Marketplace a second time to perform the initial integration setup.

I case the Single Sign on is changing the URL, you have to parse the URL components for the correct SAP Concur Marketplace. or a SAP Concur direct link like https://***

plus the suffix


into: ‘

*** custom defined.

In the following screenshot you can see the SAP Concur marketplace, the URL and the logon screen.

3. Concur App Center

After the SAP Concur login need to navigate to the  ‘App Centre’ in the menu bar.  The SAP E-Mobility app might not be available.

Getting the SAP E-Mobility app to appear in the SAP Concur Marketplace is simple – just parse your URL together:

SAP Concur direct link like https://***

plus the suffix

into the final URL


…and SAP E-Mobility will show up.

Once the SAP E-Mobility App is showing up, push the ‘Connect’ button.

The screenshot contains the parsed link, the menu selection and the connect button.

Agree to access authorization in order to continue.

4. Credentials

After pushing of the ‘Connect’ button and authorizing the access a new window, which will have a new URL will be generated.  In the screenshot the URL is following a pattern.


Copy this URL and hand over to the SAP E-Mobility userID to complete the setup timely.  The token will come with an expiration time.  If SAP Concur and E-Mobility user are the same, just continue the setup.

The tenant subdomain is referring to SAP E-Mobility subaccount subdomain and can be found in the SAP BTP cockpit. In menu path Overview you need to select the E-Mobility Subaccount. The Subdomain will be available.

In the example the Subdomain is e-mobility, which will be entered on the logon screen in field ‘Tenant Subdomain’.

This was the last step in the setup and the integration was created successfully.


Now you should be enabled and

  • validate the architecture for the charge@home setup,
  • validate if a custom Trust Configuration is being used and what impact there is on the setup,
  • navigate around SSO and certificates,

to setup successfully the initial integration between SAP Concur and SAP E-Mobility.  It is a supplement  to the SAP Help documentation Connecting to SAP Concur.

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