SOM in S/4 vs CRM with ECC


SOM in S/4

The terminologies, concepts & functionalities have been changed, modified, or added-

1- ‘Sales Contract’ in CRM with ECC has been changed to ‘Subscription Contract’ in SOM with S/4.

2- ‘Prov Order’ in CRM with ECC has been changed to ‘Subscription Order’ in SOM with S/4.

3- Replacement of ‘Business Agreement’ has been done with ‘Contract Account’ for SOM with S/4.

4- ‘CRM Product’ concept has been replaced with the ‘S/4 Product’ concept where it contains ‘Material Master’ with ‘Subscription Product Specific Enhancement’.

5- ‘Pricing in CRM’ has no existence & now replaced by ‘Central Price Maintenance’ with ‘SD Pricing Conditions’ for exclusively hardware, recurring, one-off charges.

6- “Usage Charges’ are still with Convergent Charging, but now with the concept of ‘Bundles’.

7- ODI- Order Distribution Infrastructure has been reusing for Subscription Order & Contract

8- SAP is using BRF + as rule engine instead of BRF

Image courtesy: SAP