Naming Rules and Reserved Prefixes for Technical Names in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Based on your feedback, our newest release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud introduces naming rules and reserved prefixes for technical names.

Rules and restrictions apply to the technical names of objects that you create in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. They will be the same across the application resulting in a holistic experience and consistent governance.

Please find rules and restrictions on the SAP Help Portal.

Reserved prefixes mainly apply to space management.

Customers may experience error messages when touching existing database objects that do not comply with the new rules. This could be the case since the new rules are stricter, namely, to adhere to the restrictions coming from SAP HANA Cloud.

How to resolve the situation?

You either live with the error messages or simply rename the business name and apply the technical name at the design time. Hereby a new object is created, which needs to be deployed and its dependencies updated, if required.