[SAP BTP Onboarding Series] SAP BTP – How to change your Global Account Name – Feature Set B

How often have you seen name changes in your life, be it a person, company, or location?

We are focusing on one such assignment of Global Name which is assigned to a BTP Global Cockpit and you may want to change it. It could be that you were not aware during contract signing on the account name, or it no longer suits your projects, or due to an org/brand change, with this in mind, this blog is considering the option of changing our Global Account Name. In my case,

Existing name in my Global Account – SAP Internal – XXXXXXX

New Name – SAP BTP Onboarding CPEA

To achieve this, you would need to be a Global Administrator of the BTP Account and we need to install SAP BTP Command Line Interface (BTP CLI) as there is no provision to make changes to the Global Account name within the Cockpit. In case you do not have BTP CLI installed, you can refer to Get Started with the SAP BTP Command Line Interface (BTP CLI) which helps to understand the commands, or directly download the BTP CLI from SAP Development Tools. For demonstration, I am using windows version –

1. Download the BTP CLI tool to install in your local system


Image 1

I am using the “btp-cli-windows-amd64-x.xx.x.tar.gz” file and I have used an extractor to unzip the file.

2. Run Command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to the BTP extracted folder in cmd prompt [using the command “cd”]


Image 2

3. Login to BTP Global Account, use the following commands as shown below

  • > btp login
  • The CLI tool will by default connect to SAP BTP Cloud accounts. Press enter where you see the CLI Server URL.

Next, we should enter the Global account subdomain name as shown in your BTP Cockpit. In my case, its “sapinternalxxxxxxxxxx” and the Global Account name is “SAP Internal – xxxxxx which needs to be changed


Image 3

  • Enter the subdomain name and click enter
  • Next, you should enter your username and password
  • If login is successful, you should be able to set the current session target to your global account to work with it. The steps as shown below


Image 4

4. Once you log in, you can check the account information by using the command – btp get accounts/global-account


Image 5

5. Once we confirm the account details, the next step is to change the global account now. Use the following command

Syntax – btp update accounts/global-account –global-account SUBDOMAIN –display-name NAME –description DETAILS

You need to update the following details

  • SUBDOMAIN – Subdomain details in Global Account
  • NAME – your new global account Display Name
  • Details – description of your global account (optional, you can skip this if not required)

Here is the command which I have used and image 6 shows the details

btp update accounts/global-account –global-account sapinternal-xxxxxxx –display-name BTP-Onboarding-CPEA –description Onboarding


Image 6

6. Let us confirm whether the global account name has been changed successfully

Run the command – btp get accounts/global-account


Image 7

You can see that we have successfully changed the Global Account name and Description. The same is reflected in BTP Cockpit as shown below.


Image 8

Hope this blog helps to make it easy in case you need to change your Global Account Name. If you are looking for more options, you can refer to SAP Help Guides.


Nagesh Caparthy

SAP BTP Onboarding Team