Off Cycle Increases through Performance-Compensation integrated worksheets

The recording below provides a demonstration of the Compensation Section that can be added to a Performance Template to allow Managers and HR to easily initiate Off Cycle Compensation recommendations at any time during the fiscal year.

The SAP Leading Practice to handle off cycle increases is to use Employee Central Compensation Information directly (and have approval workflows tied to the changes) but this solution provides a solid workaround, especially for customers that do not have Employee Central.

One important limitation that I forgot to mention in the recording is that the compensation template must have at least one custom field defined in Design Worksheet otherwise error messages will appear when clicking on Edit or Send to Next Step from the Performance worksheet.

Here is the code that can be added to the Performance Template to show information from the Compensation worksheet. And the full xml here.

<compensation-sect index=”0″>
<compensation-sect-name><![CDATA[Please click “Edit” to Enter Off Cycle Recommendations]]></compensation-sect-name>
<publish-button-label><![CDATA[Publish Content]]></publish-button-label>
<compensation-field id=”curSalary” show-if-value-empty=”true”></compensation-field>
<compensation-field id=”merit” show-if-value-empty=”true”></compensation-field>
<compensation-field id=”reason” show-if-value-empty=”true”></compensation-field>
<compensation-field id=”lumpSum” show-if-value-empty=”true”></compensation-field>
<compensation-field id=”finSalary” show-if-value-empty=”true”></compensation-field>

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