How to change Field control in ME5*N?

Example of a requirement: Disable edit mode for the Fixed supplier field at the Item level if the Source of supply is determined for dependent requirements for a production order. System: SAP S4/HANA 1909.

Use BADI MM_PUR_S4_PR_FLDCNTRL_SIMPLE Change of Field Control for Purchase Requisitions

It is necessary to set conditions and to fill the FIELDSTATUS which can be populated with the following values: 

  • ‘-‘ Field is Hidden
  • ‘*’ Field is only Displayed, which means no entry is possible
  • +’ Field is Mandatory, which means an entry must be made
  • ‘.’ Field is Optional, which means an entry may be made
 FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE mmpur_s_pr_fldsel. READ TABLE fieldselection_table ASSIGNING <fs> WITH KEY field = 'FIXEDSUPPLIER'. IF sy-subrc EQ 0 AND purchaserequisitionitem-accountassignmentcategory EQ 'F' AND purchaserequisitionitem-fixedsupplier IS NOT INITIAL. <fs>-fieldstatus = '*'. ENDIF.