SAP Launchpad Vs SAP Work Zone

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In this blog I will explain the differences between SAP Launchpad and SAP Work Zone. Additionally, this blog provides guidance to customers on choosing between SAP Launchpad Vs SAP Work Zone.

What is SAP Launchpad :

SAP Launchpad service enables organizations to establish a central point of access to SAP, custom-built, and third-party applications and extensions, both in the cloud and on premise. It empowers SAP users to get their job done quickly and efficiently by providing intuitive, central access to relevant applications and services from any device.

Benefits of SAP Launchpad :

  • Increase productivity and efficiency of business users by quickly and easily accessing relevant apps and content
  • Personalize home page based on user-requirement
  • Smooth integrations to different UI technologies and third-party Web apps

When to use SAP Launchpad :

    • Customers who need a central access point for multiple back-end systems (S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, etc.) should use SAP Launchpad service

    SAP Launchpad service focuses on building a central Fiori Launchpad in the cloud bringing together business apps, notifications, and tasks from multiple systems

Use-cases that cater to SAP Launchpad :

  • Connect to Multiple S/4HANA , ECC systems via common entry point
  • Central access to cloud, on-premise and third party applications
  • Access customer apps and extension through SAP Business Technology Platform


SAP Launchpad : Establish a central point of access to o SAP solutions, Custom built apps and extensions and Third Party Solutions

What is SAP Work Zone :

SAP Work Zone enables you to build digital workplace solutions to increase user productivity and engagement. It centralizes access to relevant business applications, processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point that your users can access from any device.

Benefits of SAP Work Zone : 

  • Increase user productivity by quickly accessing apps, processes and information
  • Harmonize user experience across SAP and third-party applications
  • Increase user engagement by providing integrated information and collaboration tools
  • Speed up decision making by providing an integrated environment for collaboration, workflows, business apps, reports, and information

When to use SAP Work Zone : 

  • Customers who need a digital experience solution bringing together business processes together with unstructured content (documents, videos, knowledge bases, etc.) should use SAP Work Zone

SAP Work Zone extends the basic offering of SAP Launchpad service with additional capabilities, such as document management, web content, guided experiences, key user content creation, lean-collaboration capabilities, LOBs specific content packages and much more

Use-cases for SAP Work Zone : 

  • Collaborative employee experience
  • Digital workspace requirement to access systems like S/4HANA and other ERP system, content, slack, teams from a central entry point

Architecture of SAP Launchpad Vs SAP Work Zone :

Additional Information:

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