Enhancement at Purchase Requisition: Status Grid

There’re some articles already explaining how to add customized fields at the customized sub-screen of ME53N:

What if only a few more standard fields at Purchase Requisition: Status Grid without using custom TAB/sub-screen?

Find the corresponding sub-screen number which is 3317 for Purchas Requisition: Status – ALV Grid at function group: MEGUI. Screen 3316 is a sub-area for purchase requisition: status.

Related objects for Purchase Requisition: Status Grid:

  • Structure name: MEREQ_HISTORY
  • Refered class: cl_grid_view_mm
  • Populate method: transport_from_model

Besides, the key function module ‘MEPOBADI_CHANGE_OUTTAB’ will provide method ‘fill_outtab’ against the BADI ‘me_change_outtab_cus ‘ to populate customized or newly added fields inside ‘MM_PURREQ_HISTORY_GET’.

So now it’ll be clear that we can simply enhance this standard ALV grid with the following steps:

1, Create append structure for ‘MMREQ_HISTORY’

2, Create BADI Implementation for ‘ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS’

METHOD if_ex_me_change_outtab_cus~fill_outtab.
* When processing this source code, you activate the following functionality:
* The reporting transactions for purchasing documents provide three main views
* for display: basic list, delivery schedule, and account assignment. All
* three views contain a column "Material". If the material of a purchasing
* document item is a manufacturer part number (MPN) then this MPN is shown
* as "Material". The internal inventory managed material is not visible.
* The following source code replaces the MPN by the inventory managed material. DATA: ls_ekpo TYPE ekpo, lv_werks type EWERK, lv_bstYP type EBSTYP. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_outtab> TYPE any, <fs_ebeln> TYPE ebeln, <fs_ebelp> TYPE ebelp, <fs_ertwr> TYPE bbwert, <fs_abskz> TYPE abskz, <fs_werks> TYPE EWERK, <fs_agmem> TYPE agmem, <fs_material> TYPE matnr. * check that a purchasing document view is displayed CHECK im_struct_name EQ 'MMREQ_HISTORY'. "PO HISTORY for ITEM * loop at the output table and assign a field symbol LOOP AT ch_outtab ASSIGNING <fs_outtab>. *-- assign the purchasing document number to a field symbol ASSIGN COMPONENT 'EBELN' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_ebeln>. CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
*-- assign the purchasing document item number to a field symbol ASSIGN COMPONENT 'EBELP' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_ebelp>. CHECK sy-subrc = 0. ASSIGN COMPONENT 'WERKS' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_werks>. CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
* NEW 3 fields at PO history item level! ASSIGN COMPONENT 'BRTWR' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_ertwr>. ASSIGN COMPONENT 'ABSKZ' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_abskz>. ASSIGN COMPONENT 'AGMEM' OF STRUCTURE <fs_outtab> TO <fs_agmem>. " get Purchasing Document Category clear lv_bstyp. select single bstyp into lv_bstyp from ekko where ebeln eq <fs_ebeln>. * Restriction for IN* plant and 'RFQ' only! if lv_bstyp eq 'A' and <fs_werks>+0(2) EQ 'IN'. "populate those 3 added fields for ME53N at PO item history~! SELECT SINGLE brtwr abskz agmem FROM ekpo INTO ( <fs_ertwr>, <fs_abskz>, <fs_agmem> ) WHERE ebeln EQ <fs_ebeln> AND ebelp EQ <fs_ebelp>. endif. ENDLOOP. ENDMETHOD.

3, Change the layout at ME53n

So BADI ‘ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS’ will be very helpful for all those kinds of enhancing for ME* transactions. Check this first before using any other approaches.