Review Booklets for Group Financial Statements

The Group Financial Statement Review Booklet is first of all a new fiori application for group accountants to achieve more transparency into Group Financial Statements.

…but it is also a new type of application and approach, which combines application guidance

with integrated insights powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.

A first version of this application is released with S/4HANA Cloud Release 2202.
In this blog we would like to provide all necessary information to understand this new type of application.

Let’s first introduce the use case, which is supported in the current release:

Group Accountants need to monitor and validate multiple aspects of the financial statements during the closing process.

Typically this work is done under high time pressure with many recurring validation tasks on aggregated group data top-down as well as bottom-up.

Predefined business pages, which are delivered on a silver plate – out of the box – deliver a huge value for group accountants. Those pages include all aspects of the closing work and allow guided navigation, best practices how variances are calculated as well as interactive filtering and drill-down.

Trust and full transparency into the  filters is as important as well as the ability to slice and dice the data.

In this application we combine predefined pages in guided mode as well as interactive analysis in a so called flexible analysis mode.

So let’s now understand the type of use cases more from an architectural perspective:

You probably know, we are currently offering embedded SAC stories within S/4HANA Cloud.
This covers already a lot of dashboarding use cases, nevertheless our customers are asking for true business applications, which guide business users with integrated insights.

This is best achieved by specialized Fiori Applications, which integrate analytic components.
With this approach we empower business applications to

  • optimize for a certain business tasks or process
  • guide the casual user – with contextual information – out of the box
  • support insight-driven processes and intelligent automation in future

What is the difference between a Fiori application with integrated analytic components compared to embedding SAP Analytics Cloud as complete product?

Let’s finally connect the dots to the architecture pictures you most likely know from embedded Analytics in S/4HANA.

Our Group Financial Statement is calculated based on the CDS Model in Group Reporting using Analytical Queries. Those queries are exposed via our multidimensional protocoll InA and consumed utilizing analytical components via UI5. Those analytical components are powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.

Link to the Introduction Video (9 Minutes)

You will find more information on this topic using the following ressources:

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Getting Started/Initial Setup Infos with the App.

Further Infos:

Show and Tell Session with more detailed demo   (Time 30 Minutes)

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Question: Answer:
What means “powered by SAC” We are reusing the same controls and access libraries in Fiori/UI5 as we use in SAP Analytics Cloud. With this we achieve improved consistency across our analytic capabilities.
Do I need a license for SAP Analytics Cloud for this use case? No
Can I use this application On Premise?

No, at the moment this application is only available in S/4HANA Cloud 2202.

We follow the cloud first strategy.

We plan to add to the next OP-Release.