How to setup a cloud connector for OP integration

This blog post describes how to set up a cloud connector for integration between SAP Self-Billing Cockpit and an SAP S/4HANA system.

  • Download the cloud connector in
  • Install the cloud connector in one service which would not shut down. Otherwise the connection between Self-Billing Cockpit and S/4HANA would disconnect when service down.


Europe(Frankfurt) – AWS


<Your subaccount ID>

Display Name

By yourself

Login E-Mail

<Your subaccount user>


<Your subaccount user password>

Location ID

Don’t need to maintain


By yourself

Choose the subaccount you created and check the connection status. If success, the status shall be green.

Choose the “Cloud To On-Premise” tab and Click add button in access control.

S/4HANA ports:

Go to the Transaction SMICM. Choose from the menu “GOTO -> Services”.

You can find the ports and host information.

Click the check button to check the connection avalability

Configure the resources of S/4HANA. Usually add the “/” which means all the resources could be access from BTP. But you can define your own rule by ourself.

Check the cloud connectors in BTP subaccount

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