Show the results of the Security Optimization Service

The Security Optimization Service report shows two tables with results and findings.

In the beginning you find the overview about findings (includes the count of users related to the check):


SOS Chapter – Detected Issues

Near the end you find the overview about ratings including “green” or “not rated” checks:


SOS Chapter – Rating Overview

You may want to get a cross-system overview about these tables.

You can use a new Z-report ZSOS_OVERVIEW to show the combined data of these both tables.

You can get the report here:

The selection screen allows to filter by system, change date range, check id like “0022” or rating (“red”, “yellow”, “green”, “not rated”). It offers a checkbox option to process only the latest report per system:


ZSOS_OVERVIEW – Selection screen

The initial result is a cross-system list in the original order of the SOS checks.

You can rearrange or hide and sort columns getting a result like this example for 2 systems:


ZSOS_OVERVIEW – Sorted result