Introducing Live Sessions: SAP Commissions

In this series of five live sessions, you’ll learn what every administrator needs to know to set up a Commissions environment, create efficient and effective compensation plans, run a calculation to create results data and use embedded analytics in SAP Commissions.

Who is it for?

These sessions are designed for anyone who would like to see the actual workings of SAP Commissions. That includes implementation partners, compensation administrators, human resource and finance professionals, and more. No technical background is needed.

What does it offer?

This series consists of five two-hour instructor led webinar via SAP live class (e.g. zoom). Students have the option of requesting a tenant to complete hands-on labs on their own time during the week. The topics covered each day are:

Day 1: Administration and Setup

In this session, you’ll learn many of the administrative settings you’ll need to work with regularly. YBeginning with an overview of the compensation process, we’ll cover planning a compensation process, setting up Global Data, Security, Customization, and Data Importing.

Day 2: Compensation Elements and Plans

In this session, you will learn how to build a compensation plan. Using common business cases, the session will cover the various types of elements that go into a compensation plan, types of compensation plan rules, and best practices for an effective plan.

Day 3: Use Cases

In this session, you will expand your knowledge of effective compensation plans by demonstrating additional concepts and variations on plans and rules. We will enhance the original plan to include Classification Data, Territories, and Variables, as well as Formulas and Functions that use dates and times.

Day 4: Pipeline and Results

In this session, you will learn how to run a Calculation and analyze results of a compensation plan. Using the plans created in Sessions 2 and 3, we will run a Compensate and Pay Calculation and view results and logs. You will learn how Commissions manages payments and balances, and how the addition of manual results affects the output of the Calculation

Day 5: Embedded Analytics

This session covers Embedded Analytics for SAP Commissions. It walks the learner through user access, data permissions and story permissions. We’ll also demonstrate how to create a new story, work with pre-configured stories, how to create a Team, and how to share a story.