There are 8 best tips for writing blogs to improve your SEO ranking and your views

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for every website. SEO can help you to make your site in the top ranking of search engines. Today we going to writing an article to How you can increase your website rank to the high level.

1. Headings and Subheadings

Headings are very important for the website if you are writing an article on the site. Because when you write any topic on the material, so its primary focus on your heading. Also, important is this don’t use too long heading and don’t use too short.

2. Image Alternate Attribute

The alt attribute is properties of HyperText Markup Language. Alt a used in the picture tag. It is the specific alternate text when the image cannot be displayed. If you are using a third-party model so specify there company or site name in your picture.

3. Grammar and Sentences

Grammar and Sentence are more important for your SEO. Use the correct meaning grammar and coherent sentences. Do not use more than 20 words in your sentences. Use minimum 20 words in your per sentences.

4. Active Voice Sentences

Grammar is essential for your SEO, but your Writing skill is also necessary for your SEO. do not write the sentence in Active Voice try to write in Passive Voice. Because mostly search engine finds content for Active Voice Sentences.

5. Meta Tags and Keywords

Write title in short but not too short. Use the top searched keywords in your site belong to your site category or article. Use keywords panner tool or research tools to find top searched and trending keywords to improve your site rank. Implements keywords in your meta descriptions also. Use minimum 20 words in your meta descriptions.

6. Optimization and Magnification

If you have an image in your content so optimize and decrease size. But do not reduce quality. Also, minify your page, cascading style sheet and javascript in your site using any minify tools. Magnification can help to increase the speed of your site to fetch data quickly. Read these six essential tips can help to speed up your site.

7. Pure and Original Contents

Write the content with your self does not copy any content from another site. Because when you copy content from another source SEO can be confused to fetch correct content.

8. Schema and Structured Data (Optional)

Schema and Structured are very used full tool for SEO. International Organization mostly uses this tool. Like Amazon use Product Structured Data to Fetch their Product easily in Google with the Ratings and Pictures. And for News Publisher or Blogger to highlight the useful data from an article.


Everytime many website and domain are registering per day. But the question is how they can get good quality traffic on their sites. Without investing and advertisement. SEO (Search Engine Optimize) can help site to improve their site rank with their hard work.

Most people are using a search engine to finds data or information. So SEO can help you to increase your site rank on top of Search Engines. Follow this all tips and rules so you can quickly improve your site SEO.