SAP Query Browser – List of All Analytical Queries/Views in S/4 HANA 2020

View/Query name Applic. Component Short Description BW4_PT_CHART_Q1 BW Query for Bar Chart BW4_PT_CHART_Q2 BW Financial Data (for demo) BW4_PT_CHART_Q3 BW Query for Bar Chart BW4_PT_CHART_Q4 BW Query for Bar Chart BW4_PT_GE_COMB_GAUSS_15 BW All possible combination finish BW4_PT_GE_QUERY1 BW Drilldown product BW4_PT_QUERY_1 BW Drilldown Number1 drillacross Number2 BW4_PT_QUERY_2 BW Drilldown Number1 drillacross Number2 C_AbsltNetBalShtExpsrQ FIN-FSCM-TRM Balance Sheet FX Risk C_AcademicEventBookingQry IS-HER-CM Academic Event Booking Data C_ACMPrcReconciliationRptQry LO-AGR Prices Reconciliation Report C_ACMQtyReconciliationRptQry LO-AGR Quantity Reconciliation Report C_ACMTrdgContrDynQtyDetsQuery LO-AGR Consumption Query- Trdg Contr Qty Detail C_ACMTrdgContrQuantitiesQuery LO-AGR-CC Consumption Query for Trdg Contr Qty C_Actualcashflowanalytics FIN-FSCM-CLM Actual Cash Flow in 90 days C_ActualUtilsBillingDocumentQ IS-U-BI Actual Billing Document Query C_APCashDiscountForecast FI-AP-IS Cash discount forecast C_APCshDiscUtilization FI-AP-IS Account Payable Cash Discount Utilization C_APDaysPayOutst FI-AP-IS Days Payable Outstanding Smart Business App C_APDaysPyblOutStdgDirect CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AP Overview page DPO Dir C_APDaysPyblOutStdgIndrct CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AP Overview Page: DPO Ind C_APFlexibleAging FI-AP-IS Aging Analysis Smart Business App C_APFutureAccountsPayable FI-AP-IS Future Accounts Payables Smart Business App C_APInvoiceProcessingTime FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Invoice Processing Time C_APInvoiceProcgAnalysis FI-AP-IS Invoice Processing Analysis C_APJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid FI-AP-IS Aging grid of journal entry view of Accounts Payables C_APManualpayments FI-AP-IS Vendor Payment Analysis: manual and automatic payments C_APOvrd FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Overdue Payables C_ApprovedChemicalsCountQ EHS-SUS-FND Approved Chemicals Count Query C_ApprovedChemicalsQ EHS-SUS-FND Approved Chmicals Query C_APVendorOpenItems FI-AP-IS Accounts Payable. Vendor Open Items C_ARAgingAnalysisOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card AR Aging Analysis C_ARBankStmtReprocessing FI-AR-IS Consumption View for Bank Statement Reprocessing C_ARBreakdownOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card AR Breakdown C_ARCashCollTrackerOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR AR Cash Collection Tracker Card C_ARDaysSalesOutStdgOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card Days Sales Outstanding C_ARDebtorsOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR Card Top 10 Debtors C_ARJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid FI-AR-IS Aging grid of journal entry view of Accounts Receivables C_ARunAmountQuery LO-RFM-ARN Query View Amount in Display Currency C_ARunAnlytsAllAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Demand and Assignments C_ARunAnlytsBlkdSlsOrdQuery LO-RFM-ARN Sales Orders with exceptions C_ARunAnlytsOpenDelivQuery LO-RFM-ARN Open Deliveries C_ARunAnlytsPurgContrQry LO-RFM-ARN Purchasing Contract Details Query C_ARunAnlytsSalesReturns LO-RFM-ARN Return Sales Orders C_ARunAnlytsSalesReturnsQry LO-RFM-ARN Return Sales Orders C_ARunAnlytsSlsContrQry LO-RFM-ARN Contract Consumption Quantities C_ARunAnlytsSlsOrdRejection LO-RFM-ARN Sales Order Rejection C_ARunAnlytsSupAssgmtQry LO-RFM-ARN Consumption View for Assignments C_ARunAnlytsSupDmndOvwQry LO-RFM-ARN Overview of Supply and Demand Query C_ARunAnlytsTotDmndQry LO-RFM-ARN Consumption View for Total Demand C_ARunAnlytsTotSupQry LO-RFM-ARN Total Supply of all Document Types Query C_ARunReleaseCheckCompCur LO-RFM-ARN Amount Query for Release Check Compare C_AR_StRpBPTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Tax Item with Rptd Item Data C_AR_StRpDailyVATQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Daily VAT StRp C_AR_StRpLatestRefDocLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Argentina Printing Official Document C_AR_StRpPurForeignSrvcQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View For Argentina Foreign Service C_AR_StRpPurTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Analytical Qry for AR Pur VAT Tax  with Reptd Item Log Data C_AR_StRpPurTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for AR Purchase VAT Tax Line Item(Query) C_AR_StRpSalesTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Sales w/LogData C_AR_StRpSalesTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Query View for Argentina Sales C_Ar_StrpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AR Consumption View for Tax Item Data C_AR_StRpVATForm731ItemLogQ FI-LOC-FI-AR AR Tax Items for VAT Rpg with Rptd Item Log data C_AR_StRpVATForm731ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AR Argentina Tax Items for VAT Reporting C_AR_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Consumption View: AR SIRE VAT WHT Report C_AR_VATForm731GLAcctAmtQuery FI-LOC-FI-AR Analytical Query for Argentina Form731 GL account amount C_AssetBalance FI-AA-IS Asset Balances C_AssetHistorySheet FI-AA-IS Asset History Sheet C_AT_BalanceOfPaymentsItemQ FI-LOC-FI-AT Journal Entry Item To BOP Form Item Query C_AT_StRpAuditAssetTransacQ FI-LOC-FI-AT Austrian Audit Asset Transaction Query C_AT_StRpAuditBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AT Austrian Audit Balance Item Query C_AT_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-AT VAT Tax Item Query for Austria C_AT_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Austria C_AU_StRpBASGeneralLedgerBalQ FI-LOC-GEN AU BAS Analytical Query View C_AU_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query View for AU VAT Reporting C_AU_StRpTPARAccountingDocsQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Accounting Docs Query C_AU_StRpTPARCrrtnPhseDetQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Crrtn Phase Details Query C_AU_StRpTPARSuplrDetailsQry FI-LOC-GEN Australia TPAR Supplier Details Query C_AU_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax lines for BAS Report C_AvgDailyTrialBalance FI-GL-GL-ADB ADB Trial Balance C_BankAcctAnalysisQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Account Analysis – Query C_BankGroupBankFeeQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Fees for Bank Groups – Query C_BankGroupLiquidityQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Financial Status for Bank Groups – Query C_BankGroupProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Group Profile – Query C_BankGuaranteeOverviewQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Query for Bank Guarantee Overview C_BankProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Profile – Query C_Bankstatementmonitor FIN-FSCM-CLM Monitor Bank Statement C_BasisPriceQuotation LO-CMM-BF Basis Price Quotation C_BE_BoPF01MERQry FI-LOC-FI-BE BOP Reporting Belgium – F01MER Format C_BE_BoPS03CCRQry FI-LOC-FI-BE BOP Reporting Belgium – S03CCR Format C_BE_DomesticSalesListQuery FI-LOC-FI-BE Domestic Sales List for Belgium C_BE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for BE C_Be_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting Belgium C_BE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BE ATR enabled tax Items for BE VAT Return C_BhvrlInsgtsCustEvtHistQ IS-PS-BEI Customer Event History Query C_BhvrlInsgtsPrdtnHistQ IS-PS-BEI Risk Prediction History C_BhvrlInsgtsPrdtnRsltRsnQ IS-PS-BEI Prediction Result Reason Details C_BillgItmPrcgElForCoTypQ SD-ANA Analytics – Billing Item Pricing Element for Condition Type C_BR_FinStmntAcctBalQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR Financial Statement Account Bal Query C_BR_ReportingInventoryQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-H010-L012 – Inventory Query C_BR_ReportingNFHeaderQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C100-L012 – NF Header Query C_BR_ReportingNFItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C170-L012 – NF Document Item Query C_BR_ReportingNFItemTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C190-L012 – NF Item Taxes Query C_BR_ReportingRefNFQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C113-L012 – Referenced NF Query C_BR_RptgAggrgdCmplmntyInfoQ FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD – 0450 – L012 – Table for Compl. Info of Fiscal Doc Quer C_BR_RptgCompanyIdentityQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0000 – File Opening and Company Id C_BR_RptgInterstateOpQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C101-L012 – NF Interstate Query C_BR_RptgIntrsttTranspNFQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D101-L012-Intrstt Transp NF Hdr Qry C_BR_RptgInvtryTotAmountQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-H005-L012 – Invtry Total Amount Qry C_BR_RptgMaterialANPCodeQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0206 Material ANP Code Query C_BR_RptgMatlIdentificationQ FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0200 Material Identification Query C_BR_RptgNFCmplmntyInfoQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-C110-L012 – NF Cmplmnty Info Query C_BR_RptgNFPartnerQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0150 – Nota Fiscal Partner Query C_BR_RptgOperationNatureQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0400-L012 – Operation Nature Query C_BR_RptgSubstitTaxpayerQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0015-Substitute Taxpayer C_BR_RptgTranspNFHeaderQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D100-L012 – Transport NF Header Qry C_BR_RptgTranspNFTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-D190-L012 – Transp NF Hdr Qry C_BR_RptgUnitCnvrsnFactorQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0220 – Unit Conversion Factor Query C_BR_RptgUnitOfMeasureQuery FI-LOC-FI-BR EFD-0190 – Unit of Measure Query C_BusinessShareComplianceQ TM-CF-ANA Business Share Compliance Query C_CashFlowDetailedAnalysisQ FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Flow Detailed Analysis Query C_CashFlowIndirectIFRS FI-GL-IS Display Cash Flow Statement Indirect IFRS C_CashPoolTransReport FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Pool Transfer Report C_CA_StRpGSTItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada GST Items C_CA_StRpInputTaxCrdtItemQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada RITC items C_CA_StRpProvincialTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Canada PST Items C_CA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for CA GST Return C_ChemicalAmountsQuery EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Amounts Query C_ChemicalAttributesQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Attributes Query C_ChemicalDetailsQ EHS-SUS-FND DEPRECATED: Chemical Details Query C_ChemicalRiskReportQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Risk Report Query C_ChgMgmtRequestQ CA-IAM-MOC Change Management Request Query C_CH_VATTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CH VAT Tax Item Query for Switzerland C_CL_StRpJournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CL Jrnl Entr Items for Chile Reporting Qry C_CL_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CL Trial Balance Item for Chile Rptg Query C_CmmdtyBegPosPnLValueQry LO-AGR Commodity BP PnL Value C_Cmmdtybppnlvalue_Query LO-CMM-BF Commodity BP PnL Value C_CmmdtyMTMCurrentDateQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Current Values Query C_CmmdtyMTMDayOverDayQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Day Over Day Query C_CmmdtyMTMEndOfDayQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End of Day Query C_CmmdtyMTMFinCurValsQry FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative MTM Current Query C_CmmdtyMTMFinEndOfDayQry FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative MTM End-Of-Day Query C_CmmdtyMtmLogCurQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Current Values Qry for Log. Doc C_CmmdtyMtmLogDodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM Day-over-Day Values Qry for Log.Doc. C_CmmdtyMtmLogEodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End-of-Day Values Query Log. Doc C_CmmdtyMTMStkEndOfDayQry LO-AGR MtM End-of-Day Values Query for Stock C_CmmdtyMtmStkEodQry LO-CMM-BF MtM End-of-Day Values Query for Stock C_Cmmdtynapnlvalue_Query LO-CMM-BF Commodity NA PnL Value C_CmmdtyPnLFinValueQuery FIN-FSCM-CMM-RSK Derivative PnL Query C_CmmdtyPosCurrentDateQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position Current Date Query C_CmmdtyPosDayOverDayQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position Day over Day Query C_CmmdtyPosEndOfDayQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position End Of Day Query C_CmmdtyPosValueAtRiskQry LO-CMM-BF Commodity Position EoD Interface Query C_CmplRqVersMntrgListSlsQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Sales Anlyts C_CmplRqVersMntrgProdnQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Products Analytics C_CmplRqVersMntrgSuplrQ EHS-SUS-CI Query for Monitoring List Supplier Analytics C_CnsldtdCmplxRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Cash Flow Statement – By Consolidation Units C_CnsldtdTotals01Q FIN-CS-EA Data Analysis – Reporting Logic C_CnsldtdTotals11Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet C_CnsldtdTotals12Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet – Year Comparison C_CnsldtdTotals13Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet -By Subgroups C_CnsldtdTotals15Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet – By Movements C_CnsldtdTotals21Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature C_CnsldtdTotals22Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature – Year Comparison C_CnsldtdTotals23Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature – By Subgroups C_CnsldtdTotals24Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature – By Functional Areas C_CnsldtdTotals31Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function C_CnsldtdTotals32Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function – Year Comparison C_CnsldtdTotals33Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Function – By Subgroups C_CnsldtdTotals61Q FIN-CS-EA Currency Translation – Reserve Analysis C_CnsldtdTotals62Q FIN-CS-EA Currency Translation – Difference Analysis C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Cash Flow Statement C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt02Q FIN-CS-EA Statement of Comprehensive Income C_CnsldtnCmplxRpt03Q FIN-CS-EA Statement of Changes in Equity C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn10Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison – YTD GC Value C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn20Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison – Periodic GC Value C_CnsldtnGrpActlComprn30Q FIN-CS-EA Actual & Budget Comparison with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn10Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance – YTD GC Value C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn20Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance – Periodic GC Value C_CnsldtnGrpFcstComprn30Q FIN-CS-EA Forecast Variance with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC Value C_CnsldtnIntcoElimination01Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation – Group View C_CnsldtnIntcoElimination02Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation – Group View C_CnsldtnIntcoRecncln01Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation – Subsidiary View C_CnsldtnIntcoRecncln02Q FIN-CS-EA Interunit Reconciliation – Subsidiary View C_CnsldtnReleasedRptdFinData EC-CS Consolidation – Released Reported Data C_CnsldtnRpt30Q FIN-CS-EA Group Data Analysis C_CnsldtnRpt40Q FIN-CS-EA Group Data Analysis – With Reporting Rules C_CnsldtnRuleBsdGrpRpt01Q FIN-CS-EA Group Reporting Data with Reporting Rules C_CnsldtnTotals01Q FIN-CS-EA Data Analysis C_CnsldtnTotals11Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet – By Consolidation Units C_CnsldtnTotals12Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet – Year Comparison C_CnsldtnTotals15Q FIN-CS-EA Balance Sheet – By Movements C_CnsldtnTotals21Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense – By Consolidation Units C_CnsldtnTotals22Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense – Year Comparison C_CnsldtnTotals24Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Nature of Expense – By Functional Areas C_CnsldtnTotals31Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Function of Expense – By Consolidation Units C_CnsldtnTotals32Q FIN-CS-EA P&L by Function of Expense – Year Comparison C_CntrlContrCnsmpnQry MM-PUR-OA-CON Query view for central contract consumption C_CN_CADEFixedAssetBalanceQry FI-LOC-GAI-CN Fixed Asset Balance Query for CADE C_CN_CADEReportItemQuery FI-LOC-GAI-CN CADE – Report Item for Given Fiscal Periods Query C_CN_ChangesInOwnersEquityQry FI-LOC-FI-CN ChangesInOwnersEquityStmnt Query C_CN_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN Cash Flow By Liquidity Hierarchy C_CN_TaxDeductionItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN China Input VAT Deduction C_CN_TaxTransferItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN China Input VAT Transfer C_CoCodeBalShtExpsrQ FIN-FSCM-TRM Balance Sheet FX Risk – In Transaction Currency C_CollectionProgressQ FI-AR-IS Collection Progress Query C_CollMgmtRblsItmForKeyDte CA-GTF-FXU-FI-AR AR for Key Date – Collections Management C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView10Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview – YTD GC Value C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView20Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview – Periodic GC Value C_ConsolidationGroupOvrView30Q FIN-CS-EA Periodic Overview with Reporting Rule – Periodic GC Value C_ConsolidationGroupRpt10Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated Balance Sheet C_ConsolidationGroupRpt20Q FIN-CS-EA Consolidated P&L by Nature of Expense C_ConsolidationGroupRpt90Q FIN-CS-EA Query for Data Visualization C_ConsolidationMatrixRpt10Q FIN-CS-EA Local/Group Data Analysis Query C_ConsolidationMatrixRpt30Q FIN-CS-EA Local/Group Data Analysis Query with Reporting Rules C_ContrAllocVolPrimProdQry IS-OIL-PRA CA Volume for Primary Products Query C_ContrAllocVolSecdryProdQ IS-OIL-PRA CA Volume for Secondary Products Query C_ContrMTMLogCurQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic Current Value Query C_ContrMTMLogDayOverDayQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic DOD Value Query C_ContrMTMLogEndOfDayQry LO-AGR Contract MtM Logisitic EOD Value Query C_ContrNetBegPosPnLValQry LO-AGR Net Beg Position PnLVal Qry C_CostCenterPlanActQ2001 FI-FIO-GL Cost Center – Plan/Actual C_CostCenterQ2001 FI-FIO-GL Cost Centers – Actuals C_CostCenterSemanticTag FI-FIO-GL Cost Center with Semantic Tag Query C_CostCenterStatKeyFigSemTag FI-FIO-GL Cost Center Ststcl Key Figure KPI C_CO_DIANStRpCreditorOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Crdtr Balances Query for Colombia DIAN C_CO_DIANStRpCustomerOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Cust. Balances Query for Colombia DIAN C_CO_DIANStRpDebtorOpenItemQ FI-LOC-FI-CO Debtor Balances Query for Colombia DIAN C_CO_DIANStRpFormat1001Query FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1001 – Journal Entry Item Query C_CO_DIANStRpFrmt1001Vers10Q FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1001 – Journal Entry Item Query C_CO_DIANStRpRevenueQuery FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1007 – Revenue Query V8 C_CO_DIANStRpRevenueVersion9Q FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1007 – Revenue Query V9 C_CO_DIANStRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CO Format 1005 & 1006 – Tax Item Query C_CO_DIANStRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Whldg Tax Items Query for Colombia DIAN C_CrdtDcsnVersusSlsOrdQ FI-AR-IS Credit Decision Versus Sales Order Query C_CreditAccountExtended FI-AR-IS Credit Account Extended C_CreditAcctWithToDoQuery FI-AR-IS Credit Account With ToDo Query C_CreditDecisionDocumentQ FI-AR-IS Credit Decision Document Query C_CreditLimitRequestQuery FI-AR-IS Credit Limit Request Query C_CreditLimitUtilizationQ FI-AR-IS Credit Limit Utilization with Threshold C_CreditLineUtilQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Query for Credit Line Utilization C_CreditLossAllowance FI-GL-GL-G Analyze Credit Loss Allowances C_CreditMemoRequestItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Credit Memo Request Item Query C_CshFlwFcstComprnQ FIN-FSCM-CLM C view for Cash Flow Comparison C_CshFlwFcstComprnTimeStamp FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Flow Comparision By Timestamp C_CurrentDailyGrainReport LO-AGR-APP Current Query for Daily Grain Report C_CustomerReturnItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Customer Return C_CustomerReturnItemQry_2 SD-ANA Customer Returns – Flexible Analysis C_CustomerReturnRateQry SD-ANA Analytics – Customer Return Rate C_CZ_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-CZ VAT Tax Item Query CZ C_CZ_StRpTaxItemReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI-CZ EVAT Tax Line Item CZ C_CZ_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Czech Rep. C_CZ_StRpTxItmWithEUTxClCrrtnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View – Correction Run C_DamageAnalysisQuery PM-WOC-MN Damage Analysis Query C_DARTMatlInvtryBalance FI-GL Matl Invtry Balance for DART C_DaysBeyondTerms FI-AR-IS Days Beyond Terms for Smart Business Apps C_DaysPayablesOutstanding FI-AR-IS Days Payable Outstanding – Indirect C_DaysSalesOutstanding FI-AR-IS Days Sales Outstanding Smart Business App C_DaysSalesOutstanding0 FI-AR-IS DSO for SMB Query old C_DebitMemoRequestItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Debit Memo Request Item Query C_DelivItmPerfAnlytsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Query for Dlv Perf – Shipped as Planned C_DelivPerfAnlytsCardQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Delivery Performance Query for OVP Card C_DetStmntCommsnQry LO-AB Sales Commission Detailed Statement C_DetStmntPurgRbteQry LO-AB Purchasing Rebate Detailed Statement C_DetStmntSlsRbteQry LO-AB Sales Rebate Detailed Statement C_DE_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-FI-DE EU Sales List Tax Item View for Germany-Query C_DE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-DE Query Tax Items for Germany C_DfsCapabilityObjectQry IS-DFS-OF-CAP View for Capability Query C_DK_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Denmark C_DueDeferredTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical Qry to display DueDefered Tax with Rptd Item Log C_DueDeferredTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical Query to display Due Deferred Tax Items C_DunningLevelDistribution FI-AR-IS Dunning Level Distribution Smart Business App C_EG_StRpTaxDocItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm100Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 100 C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm10100Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 10 C_EG_StRpTaxItemForm10Query FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt form 10 C_EG_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-EG Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Egypt C_EHSCmplncAnlysByLocTypeQ EHS-SUS-EM Compl Analysis Query of Tasks by Loctype C_EHSCmplncAnlysFltrTaskQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis FIlter Query C_EHSCmplncAnlysLocHierQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis Query for Loc Hier C_EHSCmplncAnlysRqmtTaskQ EHS-SUS-EM Compliance Analysis Query for Req Tasks C_EHSRiskOverviewQ EHS-SUS-HS Risk Overview Query C_EHSRskMitigationSummaryQ EHS-SUS-HS Summary of the implementation status of new controls C_EndOfDayDailyGrainReport LO-AGR-APP EoD Query for Daily Grain Report C_Engagementprojplanquery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Plan Query C_EngmntProjBillgAndRblsQry CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Billing And Receivables Query C_EngmntProjCostQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Cost and Revenue Query C_EngmntProjFcstQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Forecast Query C_EngmntProjFcstQuery_2 CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Forecast Query C_EngmntProjPlnVersQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Plan Version Query C_EngmntProjReviewQuery CA-CPD-SS Review Engagement Projects C_EngmntProjStaffingAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Staffing Analysis Query C_EngmntProjTmeExpnBillgQ CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Time and Expense Billing C_EngmntProjUnbilledRevenueQry CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Unbilled Revenue Query C_EngmtProjComAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engmnt Project Commercial Analysis Query C_EngmtProjComPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Commerical Performance Query C_EngmtProjCostPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Cost Performance Query C_EngmtProjMargAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Margin Analysis Query C_EngmtProjPlanReviewQuery CA-CPD-SS Review Engagement Projects C_EngmtProjWorkAnlysQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Work Analysis Query C_Engmtprojworkitemquery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Workitem Query C_EngmtProjWrkPckgRevQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project Work Package Plan Review Query C_EngmtProjWrkPerfQuery CA-CPD-SS Engagement Project WorkPerformance Query C_EnvrmtAmountsOverviewQ EHS-SUS-EM Environmental Amounts Overview Query C_ES_StRp190WhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Spain Modelo-190 Wth Tax Itm View-Query C_ES_StRp296WhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item Query View for Spain C_ES_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for ES C_ES_StRpVATRetTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-ES Tax Items for Statutory Reporting Modelo 303 Spain Query C_ES_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting Spain C_ES_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-ES ATR enabled Tax Items for Modelo 303 Spain Query C_EWM_InbDelivItemLeanQ SCM-EWM-DLP Whse Inbound Delivery Item Lean – Query C_EWM_InboundDeliveryItemQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Inbound Delivery Item – Query C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdLeanQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Outb Deliv Order Lean – Query C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdNoDateQ SCM-EWM-DLP Warehouse Outb Deliv Ord NoDate – Query C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdNoParamQ SCM-EWM-DLP Outb Deliv Ord no Mand Param – Query C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdOvPgQ SCM-EWM-DLP Outb Deliv Order for OVP UI – Query C_EWM_OutbDelivOrdQ SCM-EWM-DLP Whse Outbound Delivery Order – Query C_EWM_WarehouseOrderLeanQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order Lean – Query C_EWM_WarehouseOrderOvPgQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order for OVP UI – Query C_EWM_WarehouseOrderQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Order – Query C_EWM_WarehouseTaskLeanQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task Lean – Query C_EWM_WarehouseTaskOvPgQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task for OVP UI – Query C_EWM_WarehouseTaskQ SCM-EWM-WOP Warehouse Task – Query C_EWM_WarehouseWaveQ SCM-EWM-WOP Wave – Query C_ExpectedMarginAnalysis FI-GL-IS Expected Margin Analysis C_FCC_ClsgActlPlnComprnQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Actual/Plan Comparison Query C_FCC_ClsgDelayedTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Delayed Tasks Query C_FCC_ClsgErroneousTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Erroneous Tasks Query C_FCC_ClsgHistoryQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Closing History Overview C_FCC_ClsgOmittedTasksQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Omitted Tasks Query C_FCC_ClsgOverallDelayQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Closing Overall Delay Query C_FCC_ClsgPrgrsDueTodayQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Closing Progress (Due Today) Query C_FCC_ClsgPrgrsOverallQ CA-GTF-FCC FCC – Closing Progress (Overall) Query C_FinancialPositionQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status Query C_FinancialStatementBalQuery FI-LOC-FS Financial Statement C_FinancialStatementKPI FI-GL-IS KPIs based on Financial Statements C_FinancialStatusQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status Query C_FinStatisticalKeyFigureItem FI-FIO-GL Statistical Keyfigures per period C_FinStmntComparison FI-GL-IS Balance Sheet/Income Statement – Multidimensional C_FinTransAmtQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Transaction Amount – Query C_FinTransFcstHistlFeeQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Fin. Trans.: Histl/Fcstd Fee Amt – Query C_FinTransSingleDayAmtQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Fin. Trans. Amt on Single Date – Query C_FixedAssetBalance FI-AA-IS Asset Balances C_FixedAssetHistorySheet FI-AA-IS Asset History Sheet C_FI_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Finland-Query C_FlxMtPlObjHierarchy IS-DFS-OF-FMP FMPO Hierarchy View C_ForecastDmndAccuracyQry PP-VDM Forecast Demand Accuracy C_FreightSettlementCostQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Settlement Cost Query C_FrtBkgExecutionQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Execution Event Query C_FrtBkgExecutionStsQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Execution Status Query C_FrtBkgQuantityQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Booking Quantity Query C_FrtOrdExecutionQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Execution Event Query C_FrtOrdExecutionStsQ TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Execution Status Query C_FrtOrdQuantityQuery TM-CF-ANA Freight Order Quantity Query C_FR_BOPECOQry FI-LOC-FI-FR BOP Reporting France – ECO Format C_FR_DueDeferredTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR Deferred Tax Item Query C_FR_StRpAuditFECItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR France Audit File (FEC) – Query C_FR_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for France C_Fr_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item For Statutory Reporting France C_FR_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR ATR enabled Tax Items for France Query C_FR_VATTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-FR VAT Tax Item Query C_Ftr_Atpv_Accountingquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis – Accounting C_Ftr_Atpv_Derivativequery FIN-FSCM-TRM Pos Analysis – Listed Derivatives C_Ftr_Atpv_Otctransquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Pos Analysis – OTC Transactions C_Ftr_Atpv_Productquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis C_Ftr_Atpv_Securitiesquery FIN-FSCM-TRM Treasury Position Analysis – Securities C_Ftr_Cl_Keydate_Util_Q FIN-FSCM-TRM Facility Utilization on Key Date C_Ftr_Cl_Utilize_Query FIN-FSCM-TRM Credit Line Analysis C_Ftr_Cl_Util_Analytics FIN-FSCM-TRM Facility Utilization Analytics C_Ftr_Fs_BookValueQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status for Book Value Amounts C_Ftr_Fs_NominalQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Financial Status for Nominal Amounts C_FunctionalAreaPlanActQ2801 FI-FIO-GL Functional Area – Plan/Actual C_FunctionalAreasQ2801 FI-FIO-GL Functional Areas – Actuals C_FundsMgmtActDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Actual Documents Query C_FundsMgmtAvailyCtrlQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management AVC Query C_FundsMgmtBdgtActlQuery PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Commitments/Actuals and Budget Query C_FundsMgmtBdgtDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Budget Documents Query C_FundsMgmtCmtmtDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Commitment Documents Query C_FundsMgmtCtrlgDocQry1 PSM-FM-IS Funds Management: Controlling Document Query C_FutureAcctRbls FI-AR-IS Future Accounts Receivables Smart Business App C_GB_StRpOldOpenTaxItemQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Open items to be repaid C_GB_StRpOldParkedDocTxItmBoxQ FI-LOC-FI-GB Parked Items with opposite sign C_GB_StRpOldTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period C_GB_StRpParkedDocTxItmBoxQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Parked documents for SRF C_GB_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period C_GB_StRpTaxItmReverseChrgQry FI-LOC-FI-GB Items from the current period C_GB_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-GB GB_RCSL_V2 – Reverse Charge list Query C_GdsMvtThroughputQuery MM-IM-VDM-SGM Goods Movement Throughput Query C_GenericPlanQ3001 FI-FIO-GL Financial Plan Data C_GhoMeasDataQuery IS-OIL-UOM-ANL Measurement Data C_GhoNwDetail IS-OIL-UOM-ANL Network Detail C_GLAccountBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-CN G/L Account Balance Query C_GLAccountFlow FI-FIO-GL G/L Account Balance with Flow-Measure C_GLAccountFlowKPI FI-FIO-GL KPIs based on G/L Account Flow C_GLAccountLineItemSemTag FI-GL-IS Query for JE with SemTag C_GLDaysPyblOutStdgIndrct CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL DPO Indirect Ovw C_GLDaysSalesOutStdgOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL Days Sales Outstanding Ovw C_GLIncgSalesOrdPrdtvQuery FI-PRA-PRA Incoming Sales Orders – Pred. Accounting C_GLLineItemComprnQuery FI-FIO-GL Journal Entry Comparison C_GLLineItemsQ0001 FI-FIO-GL Journal Entry Analyzer C_GLRevenueExpensesOvw CA-GTF-FXU-FI-GL GL Revenue and Expenses Overview C_GoodsMovementQuery MM-IM-VDM-SGM Goods Movement Analysis C_GranteeMgmtActlDocQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Commitment/Actual Document Items Query C_GranteeMgmtBdgtActlQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Commitments/Actuals and Budget Query C_GranteeMgmtBdgtDocQry1 PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management Budget Document Items Query C_GrossBillByVntrQ CA-JVA Venture Expenses C_GrossPartNettingQ CA-JVA Partner Net By Cost Object C_GteeMMyCostSharing PSM-GM-GTE-IS Grantee Management My Cost Sharing C_HisExchRateVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Exchange Rate Volatility Query C_HisScrtyPrcVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Security Price Volatility Query C_HistIntRateVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Historic Interest Rate Volatility Query C_HouseBankAcctAnlysQry FIN-FSCM-CLM House Bank Account Analysis – Query C_HuMPackagedProducts LO-HU-FIO Hierarchy of Packaged Products C_HU_AuditReportQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary Audit Report Query C_HU_DomesticSlsPurListQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU HU Domestic Sales Purchases List Query C_HU_StRpBusinessPartnerQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: M-page header C_HU_StRpInvoiceChainQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: M-page Tax items C_HU_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-HU Hungary VAT: A-page header C_ID_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Cash Flow by Lqdy Hier for Indonesia C_ID_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Tax Items Query for ID Statutory Reporting C_ID_StRpVATExportQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Query View for ID Exports VAT Report C_ID_StRpVATImportQuery FI-LOC-FI-ID Query View for ID Imports VAT Report C_IE_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-IE IE VAT Return items C_IE_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-IE IE VAT Return items C_IE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Ireland C_IL_StRpTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI-IL IL:Tax Item For Statutory ReportingQuery C_IncidentAssetCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Asset Case Query C_IncidentCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Case Query C_IncidentDamageCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Damage Case Query C_IncidentDartRateQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Dart Rate C_IncidentGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Group Query C_IncidentNtcOfVioltnCaseQ EHS-SUS-IM Incident Notice Of Violation Case Query C_IncidentQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Query C_IncidentRateQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Rate C_IncidentRecordableCases EHS-SUS-IM Incident Recordable Cases C_IncidentReleaseCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident Release Case Query C_IncidentTaskQuery EHS-SUS-IM Incident/Investigation step tasks cube. C_IncmpltServiceOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Incomplete Service Order – Query C_InjuryIllnessCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Case Query C_InjuryIllnLogCaseQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Log Case Query C_InjuryIllnLogGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Injury/Illness Log Group Query C_InsurClmLossReportQuery FS-CM Loss Triangle C_InsurClmOutStdgReserveQ FS-CM Outstanding Reserves C_InsurClmPaymentQuery FS-CM Claim Payments C_InsurClmSubclaimCountQ FS-CM Number of Subclaims C_InsurClmTotExpndtrQuery FS-CM Total Claim Expenditure C_InternalOrderPlanActQ2101 FI-FIO-GL Internal Order – Plan/Actual C_InventoryGLAcctBalQuery FI-LOC-FI Turkey Inventory CDS query C_InvgCsMLocationCategoryQ CRM-S4-IPS-ICM Consumption Query view for ICM Location Category C_InvgCsMObjectCategoryQ CRM-S4-IPS-ICM Consumption Query View for ICM Object Category C_InvoiceInboundAutomnRate MM-IS-PU-RPT Invoice Inbound Automnation Rate C_IN_JournalVoucherQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Journal Vouchers in India C_IN_ServiceDistrQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for ISD Documents in India C_IN_StockTransportQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Stock Transport C_IN_StRpGSTItemQ FI-LOC-FI-IN Query view for GST Simplification C_IN_SubcontrgDocQuery FI-LOC-LO-IN Query View for Subcon Documents in India C_IT_StRpFixedAssetRegisterQry FI-LOC-FI-IT IT FxdAst Register – Analyze Data Query C_IT_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-IT Query Tax Items for Italy C_JITCallCompMatlQuery LE-JIT Monitor JIT Call Component (ALP) C_JITOutbCallCompGrpQuery LE-JIT Other Filters C_JITOutbCallQuery LE-JIT Other Filters C_JntVntrGrssNonOprtdQ CA-JVA Gross Non-Operated by Cost Object C_JntVntrRmngCutbackQ CA-JVA Remaining Cutback C_JointVentureAcctgDtlHierQry IS-OIL-PRA Joint Venture Acctg Dtl Hierarchy Query C_JointVentureAcctgDtlQry IS-OIL-PRA Joint Venture Accounting Detail Query C_JointVentureAuditQuery CA-JVA Joint Venture Audit Report Query C_JP_CentralBkPaytWithCht1Qry FI-LOC-FI-JP Query view for Japan Central Bank Chart1 C_JP_CentralBkPaytWithCht2Qry FI-LOC-FI-JP Query for Japan Central Bank Payment Chart2 C_Jp_StRpWhiteRetsWhldgTxItmQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Consumption View Japan White Returns Withholding Tax Details C_JP_TradeCreditBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Query view for Japan Trade Credit Check C_JP_VATReturnDetailQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Detail Query C_JP_VATReturnSummaryFormQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Summary Form Query C_JP_VATReturnSummaryQuery FI-LOC-FI-JP Japan VAT Return Summary Query C_JrnlEntrItmToBOPFormItmQry FI-LOC-IS Journal Entry Item To BOP Form Item Query C_JVAPartOvrdAcctsRblsOvw CA-JVA JV Partner Overdue Receivables C_KR_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KR South Korea Trial Balance Query C_KR_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Business and Other income tax Items for Korea Query C_KR_VATInvoiceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KR VAT Reporting Tax Items C_KZ_VATRet0RateItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 1 C_KZ_VatRetCorrectionItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 6 C_KZ_VATRetDeductDocQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 9 C_KZ_VATRetForeignItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Retrun Foreign documents: Query View C_KZ_VATRetIncCustomDeclnQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 3 Query View C_KZ_VatRetMainSection0ItemQry FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 0 C_KZ_VATRetOffsetItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 4 C_KZ_VATRetTaxFreeItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-KZ Section 2 C_KZ_VATReturnIncgInvcItemQ FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Return Incoming Invoice Item (Query) C_KZ_VATReturnOutgInvcItemQ FI-LOC-FI-KZ VAT Return Outgoing Invoice Item (Query) C_Lfcastanalytics FIN-FSCM-CLM Liquidity Forecast 90 Days C_Liquidityforecastdetailsq FIN-FSCM-CLM Liquidity Forecast Details Query C_Liquidityforecast_Overviewq FIN-FSCM-CLM Query for Liquidity Forecast Overview C_LiquidityPositionQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Cash Position and Liquidity Forecast Query C_ListedDrvtvPriceQuotation LO-CMM-BF Listed Derivatives Price Quotation C_LocationAnalysisQuery PM-WOC-MN Location Analysis Query C_LU_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for LU C_MaintObjBreakdownQuery PM-WOC-MN Maintenance Object Breakdown Query C_MaintOrdActualCostDataQ PM-WOC-MO Maintenance Order Actual Cost Data Query C_MaintOrderTechObjQuery PM-WOC-MO Maint. Order Analysis Query w. Techn.Obj C_MarketSegmentPlanActQ2501 FI-FIO-GL Market Segment – Plan/Actual C_MarketSegmentQ2501 FI-FIO-GL Market Segments – Actuals C_MarkToMarketStockFinancial LO-AGR-APP ACM MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fins C_MarkToMarketStockFinDOD LO-AGR-APP ACM DOD MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fin C_MarkToMarketStockFinEndOfDay LO-AGR-APP ACM EOD MtM for Contract, Stock & CM Fin C_MaterialStockActual MM-IM-VDM-SGM Total actual stock quantity C_MaterialStockByKeyDate MM-IM-VDM-SGM Material Stock at posting date C_MaterialStockTimeSeries MM-IM-VDM-SGM Material stock for periods by type C_MatlStkAtKeyDateInAltUoM MM-IM-VDM-SGM Stock at Key Date in Alternative UoM C_MaturityProfileQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Query View for Maturity Profile C_MDGovClsdWrkflwBPQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed CR Work Item for Business Partners C_MDGovClsdWrkflwFinQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed Work Item for CR C_MDGovClsdWrkflwProdQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Closed CR Work Item for Products C_MDGovOpenWrkflwBPQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Chg Req for BP C_MDGovOpenWrkflwFinQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Change Request for Financials C_MDGovOpenWrkflwProdQry CA-MDG-ANR Analytics on Open WI for Change Request for Products C_MDProductHierarchyQuery LO-MD-MM Master Data Product Hierarchy Query C_MDQltyAnalyticScoresQry CA-MDG-ADQ MDQ Analytic Scores C_MeasurementPointVolQry IS-OIL-PRA Measurement Point Volume Query C_MeterReadingDocumentQuery IS-U-DM-MR Meter Reading Document Query C_MfgOrdActlPlanTgtCostQry CO-PC-OBJ Query view for MfgOrder PlanActTgt cost C_MfgOrdCompExcsConsmptQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Component Excess Consumption Query C_MfgOrderItemScrapAmtQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Scrap Amount – Query C_MfgOrderOpExecDurnQry PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Execution Duration Query C_MfgOrderSFILeadTimeQry PP-PEO-SFE Mfg Order SFI Lead Time Query C_MfgOrderWIPVarianceQuery CO-PC-OBJ Query view for manufacturing order WIP / Variance C_MfgOrdItemMaterialScrapQ PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Item Material Scrap Query C_MfgOrdOpConfScrapReasonQ PP-VDM Mfg Order Operation Confirmation Scrap Reason Query C_MfgOrdOperationScrapQry PP-VDM Manufacturing Order Operation Scrap Query C_MissingMtrRdngOrderQuery IS-U-DM-MR Missing Meter Reading Order Query C_MissingUtilsBillingOrderQ IS-U-BI Missing Billing Order Query C_MissionEssentialTaskQry IS-DFS-OF-CAP View for  Mission Essential Task Query C_MktDataBasisSpreadQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Basis Spread C_MktDataCreditSpreadQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Credit Spread C_MktDataFXRateQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for FX Rate C_MktDataImpVolatilityQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Implied Volatility C_MktDataRefIntrstRateQry FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Ref. Interest Rate C_MlBalanceSummary FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values – Balance Summary C_MlLineItem FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values – Line Items C_MLRoundDiff FI-FIO-GL Material Inventory Values – Rounding Differences C_MstrProjJournalQ001 CA-CPD-WS Master Project Journal Query C_MTMStkQltyCharsFinEndOfDay LO-AGR-APP ACM EOD MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Fin C_MTMStkWithQltyCharsFin LO-AGR-APP ACM MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Financials C_MTMStkWithQltyCharsFinDOD LO-AGR-APP ACM DOD MtM for Stock Netdry & CM Fin C_MX_AuxiliaryRptAcctBalanceQ FI-LOC-FI-MX MX Auxiliary Report for Accounts Query C_MX_AuxiliaryRptAcctDetailQ FI-LOC-FI-MX MX Auxiliary Report for Accounts Details Query C_MX_DueTaxAndWhldgTxItemLogQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical  Query for Due and Whldg Tax with Rptd Log Info C_MX_DueTaxAndWhldgTxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MX Mexico specific Analytical Query Due Tax and Whldg Tax Item C_MX_FinancialStatementRptgQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical query for Mexico Financial Statement Reporting C_MX_FinancialStmntRptgLogQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Analytical qry for MX Financial Stmnt Rpg with Rptd Log info C_MX_JrnlEntrItmInvcDetailsQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items with Invoice Query C_MX_JrnlEntrItmPaytDetailsQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items with Payment Query C_MX_JrnlEntryOperationalViewQ FI-LOC-FI-MX Journal Entries Items Query C_MyChemicalApprovalsQ EHS-SUS-FND Chemical Approvals Query C_MY_BillingDocumentItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Billing Document Item Query for MY GAF C_MY_JournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Journal Entry Item Query for MY GAF C_MY_StRpSlsSrvcTxItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Tax Items Query for Malaysia SST C_MY_STRPTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-MY Tax Items Query for Malaysia Statutory Reporting C_MY_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item View For Statutory Reporting C_MY_SupplierInvoiceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Supplier Invoice Item Query for MY GAF C_MY_TxItmWthSlsDeductionQuery FI-LOC-FI-MY Query for Tax Item with Sales Deduction C_NearMissGroupQuery EHS-SUS-IM Near Miss Group Query C_NetDryDetailedReportQ LO-AGR-APP Weighted Average Detailed Report C_NetDrySummaryReportQ LO-AGR-APP Weighted Average Summary Report C_NetPositionRiskReport LO-AGR Consumption view for Net Position Risk Report C_NetPosRepPremium LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium C_NetPosRepPremiumDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium – DoD C_NetPosRepPremiumEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium – EoD C_NetPosRepPrice LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type C_NetPosRepPriceDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type – DoD C_NetPosRepPriceEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type – EOD C_NetPosRepSlate LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate C_NetPosRepSlateDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate – DoD C_NetPosRepSlateEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate – EOD C_NetPosRiskReportDayOverDay LO-AGR Consumption Query For Net Position Risk Report Day Over Day C_NetPosRiskReportEndOfDay LO-AGR Consumption Query for Net Position Risk Report End of Day C_NL_SAFTJournalEntryQry FI-LOC-FI-NL SAF-T NL Journal Header Query C_NL_SAFTJournalItemQry FI-LOC-FI-NL SAF-T NL Journal Item Query C_NL_StRpAcceptedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NL [Obsolete] NL VAT – Query for Reported Tax Items C_NL_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NL Analytical Query View for NL VAT Reporting C_NL_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for NL C_NonMngdPurgSpend MM-IS-PU-RPT Non Managed Purchasing Spend C_NO_SAFTJournalEntryQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO SAF-T Norway Journal Entry Query C_NO_SAFTJournalItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO SAF-T Norway Journal Item Query C_NO_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-NO Norway Trial Balance Query C_ONRRRptgHistPRADetQ IS-OIL-PRA ONRR PRA Reporting Details Query C_ONRRRptgHistReportDetQ IS-OIL-PRA ONRR Reporting History Report Detail Qry C_OpenClosedDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Open and Closed Dispute Cases C_OpenDispProcessingDays FI-AR-IS Open Dispute Processing Days C_OpenDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Open Dispute Case C_OrdItmDelivPerfAnlytsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Order Item Delivery Performance Query C_OutsrtdUtilsBillgDocBscDataQ IS-U-BI Outsorted Billing Document Basic Data Query C_OverdueAcctRbls FI-AR-IS Overdue Accounts Receivables Smart Business App C_OverdueInDispute FI-AR-IS Overdue Receivables In Dispute C_PackagedDngrsGdsQuery EHS-SUS-DG Packaged Dangerous Goods Query C_PartsPerMillionQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Parts Per Million Query View C_PaymentByBankKPI FIN-FSCM-CLM Total and Average Bank Payments – Query C_PaymentByBankQuery FIN-FSCM-CLM Bank Payments – Query C_PaymentStatistics FIN-FSCM-CLM Payment Statistics C_PE_StRpJournalEntryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PE Peru Journal Entry Query View C_PhysInvtryQuery MM-IM-VDM-PI Physical Inventory Analysis C_PH_AmortizedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Consumption view for Exceeding 1PM Tax Item for PH VAT C_PH_CASCashItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH CAS Cash Item Query C_PH_JournalEntryQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH PH CAS General Journal/Ledger Query C_PH_NotAmortizedTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Consumption View of Tax Item Not Exceding 1PM for PH VAT C_PH_PurchasesSummaryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Philippines Purchases Summary Query C_PH_SalesSummaryItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH Philippines Sales Summary Query C_Ph_StRpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for PH C_PH_StRpTxItmGrpByIndstryQry FI-LOC-FI-PH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for Philippline C_Ph_StrpwhldgtaxitemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax View For Philippines C_PH_SuplrCustJournalQuery FI-LOC-FI-PH PH CAS Journal Query C_PL_SAFTBankStmntItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T PL Bank Statement Item Query C_PL_SAFTGoodsMvtCnsldtnItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Goods Movements Items C_PL_SAFTInvoiceCnsldtnItemQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Invoice Consolidation Item Query C_PL_SAFTJournalCnsldtnItemQry FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Journal Consolidation Item Query C_PL_SAFTTaxItemCnsldtnQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL SAF-T Tax Item Consolidation Query C_PL_StRpCustOplAcctgDocItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PL Customer Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query – Poland C_PL_StRpCustTrialBalItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Customer Trial Balance Query – Poland C_PL_StRpGLAcctJrnlEntryItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Account Jrnl Entry Item Qry – Poland C_PL_StRpGLAcctOplAcctgDocItmQ FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Acct Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query – Poland C_PL_StRpGLAcctTrialBalItmQry FI-LOC-FI-PL GL Account Trial Balance Query – Poland C_PL_StRpSuplrOplAcctgDocItemQ FI-LOC-FI-PL Supplier Opl Acc.Doc.Item Query – Poland C_PL_StRpSuplrTrialBalItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Supplier Trial Balance Query – Poland C_PL_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Poland C_PL_StRpTxItmWithEUTxClCrrtnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View – Correction Run C_PMProjCatsAnaKPI CA-TS-S4 Analytics of CATS Data of a Project Manager for KPI Tile C_PnLDeltaNewActivityVal LO-AGR ACM Cmdty PnL Value New activity C_PnLNewActivityVal LO-AGR ACM Cmdty PnL Value New activity C_PosRepPremium LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium C_PosRepPremiumDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium – DoD C_PosRepPremiumEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Premium – EoD C_PosRepPrice LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type C_PosRepPriceDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type – DoD C_PosRepPriceEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Price Type – EOD C_PosRepSlate LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate C_PosRepSlateDayOverDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate – DoD C_PosRepSlateEndOfDay LO-AGR ACM Position Report Slate – EOD C_PRAAcctgDocumentHdrQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Accounting Document Header Query C_PRAPaymentDetailQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Payment Detail Query C_PRAPaymentHeaderQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Payment Header Query C_PRAPndngValnAcctgItmQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Pending Valuation Acctg Item Query C_PRAPostedAcctgItmQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Posted Accounting Item Query C_PRARoyaltyRptgHistTXGLOQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Royalty Reporting History Texas GLO Query C_PRARoyaltyRptgHistWYQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Royalty Reporting History Wyoming Query C_PRASmmryAcctsRblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Accounts Receivable Query C_PRASmmryFedPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Federal Payable Query C_PRASmmryOwnrPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Owner Payable Query C_PRASmmrySuspenseQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Suspense Query C_PRASmmryTaxPyblQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Summary Taxes Payable Query C_PRATaxRptgHistCOConsvnQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History CO Conservation Query C_PRATaxRptgHistCOSvrncQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Rptg Hist Colorado Severance Qry C_PRATaxRptgHistLAQry IS-OIL-PRA Louisiana Tax Reporting History Query C_PRATaxRptgHistoryKSQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Kansas Query C_PRATaxRptgHistoryNDQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History ND Query C_PRATaxRptgHistoryNMQRY IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History NM Query C_PRATaxRptgHistoryOKQRY IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Oklahoma Query C_PRATaxRptgHistoryTXQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History Texas Query C_PRATaxRptgHistWYConsvnQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Rptg Hist Wyoming Consvn Qry C_PRATaxRptgHistWYGrssProdQry IS-OIL-PRA PRA Tax Reporting History WY Gross Product Query C_PrcSttgMethExecAnlysLogsQry LO-CMM-BF Price Setting Method Execution Analysis by Logistics Doc. C_ProcmtDocSubcontrg CA-GTF-FXU-MM-PUR Subcontracting Cockpit C_ProdCmplncLicRlvtDocsQ EHS-SUS-FND Query view for the Product Compliance License Metric C_ProdMktCmplRqRsltQuery EHS-SUS-PMA Marketability Assessments Query C_ProductCostByOrderQuery CO-PC-OBJ Production Cost By Order C_Profitability_Q0001 FI-FIO-GL Project Profitability C_Profitability_Q0002 FI-FIO-GL Product Profitability C_ProfitAndLossPlanActQ2903 FI-FIO-GL P&L – Plan/Actual C_ProfitAndLossQ2901 FI-FIO-GL P&L – Actuals C_ProfitCenterPlanActQ2701 FI-FIO-GL Profit Center – Plan/Actual C_ProfitCenterQ2701 FI-FIO-GL Profit Centers – Actuals C_ProfitCenterSemanticTag FI-FIO-GL Profit Center with Semantic Tag Query C_ProfitCenterStatKeyFigSemTag FI-FIO-GL Profit Center Ststcl Key Figure  KPI C_ProfitMarginByMonthQuery SD-ANA Profit Margin by Month C_ProjectBudgetReport PS-VDM-COS Project Budget Report C_ProjectFinancialReport PS-VDM-COS Actual/Planned LineItems for Project C_ProjectPlanActQ2201 FI-FIO-GL Project – Plan/Actual C_ProjectPlanActQ2203 FI-FIO-GL Projects – Baseline/EAC/Ongoing C_ProjectQ2201 FI-FIO-GL Projects – Actuals C_PromiseToPayOverview FI-AR-IS Promise To Pay Overview C_PT_DocItemWhldgTxCshDiscQ FI-LOC-FI-PT Query for Portugal Annual List C_PT_SAFTDeliveryHdrQry CA-GTF-CSC SAFT Delivery Document Header query view C_PT_SAFTDeliveryItemQ CA-GTF-CSC Query View for PT SAFT Delivery Item C_PT_SAFTGenLedgerEntryQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT General Ledger Entries Query C_PT_SAFTGenLedgerItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T General Ledger Entries Item Query C_PT_SAFTPaymentHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Payment Header Query C_PT_SAFTPaymentItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Payment Item Query C_PT_SAFTSalesInvoiceHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Sales Invoice Header Query C_PT_SAFTSalesInvoiceItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Sales Invoice Item Query C_PT_SAFTSelfBillgInvoiceHdrQ FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Self-Billing Inv. Header Query C_PT_SAFTSelfBillgInvoiceItemQ FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Self-Billing Invoice Item Query C_PT_SAFTWorkingDocHeaderQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Working Documents Header Query C_PT_SAFTWorkingDocItemQry FI-LOC-SAF-PT SAF-T PT Working Documents Item Query C_PT_StRpAssetReportFormQuery FI-LOC-AA-PT PT Asset Fiscal Maps: Forms Content (ACR) – Query C_PT_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-PT VAT Tax Item Query for Portugal C_PT_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Portugal C_PurchaseContractLeakage MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Contract Leakage C_PurchaseOrderSpendQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Spend Analysis C_PurchaseOrderValueQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Spend Analysis C_PurgMatlPriceChange MM-IS-PU-RPT Material Price Change C_PurgSpendComprn MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchasing Spend Comparison C_PurgSpendOffContract MM-IS-PU-RPT Off Contract Spend C_PurOrdAvgDelivTime MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Order Average Delivery Time C_PurOrdDelivInvcVal MM-IS-PU-RPT Purchase Order Delivery Invoice Value C_PurOrdOutputAutomnRate MM-IS-PU-RPT PO Output Automn & non Automn percentage C_PurOrdServiceSpendQuery MM-IS-PU-RPT Service Spend C_QualityLevelAnalysis QM-QC-AQC-WL Quality Level History C_QuantityContractCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Quantity Contract Consumption C_RAContractBalanceQuery FI-RA Contract Balance C_RAContrBalanceMovementQuery FI-RA Contract Balance Movements C_RAOpenRevenuePerPeriodQuery FI-RA Remaining Performance Obligations with Time Bands C_RAPostingItemQuery FI-RA Disaggregation of Revenue – Query C_RATotalOpenRevenueQuery FI-RA Remaining Performance Obligations – Total Open Revenue C_RAYrToDteRecgdRevnQuery FI-RA Disaggregation of Recognized Revenue C_RblsItmForKeyDteDuePerd FI-AR-IS Receivables for Key Date C_REAcctgObjectPlanActualQ RE-FX-CO Real Estate Objects Plan and Actuals Q C_RealTimeRptdFinData EC-CS Consolidation – Realtime Reported Data C_RealTimeRptdFinDataEnhcd FIN-CS-COR CNSLDTN – Realtime Reported Data NRL C_REContractAssignSubjectQ RE-FX-CN RE Contract Subject Assignments Query C_REContractValidQ RE-FX-CN Valid Real Estate Contracts Query C_RecordableInjryIllnCaseQ EHS-SUS-IM Recordable Injury/Illness Case Query C_RequisitionNoTouchRate MM-IS-PU-RPT Requisition No Touch Rate C_ResolvedDisputeCase FI-AR-IS Resolved Dispute Case C_RespyMgmtTeamHierarchy CA-GTF-RM Team Hierarchy C_RevenueFromInvoiceQry SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume Flexible Analysis C_ReversedUtilsBillingDocQuery IS-U-BI Reversed Billing Document Query C_RO_StRpDeferredItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: VAT 300 Deferred Items – Query C_RO_StRpDomesticSlsPurListQ FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Domestic Sales/Purchase List Query C_RO_StRpFxdAstChartValueQry FI-LOC-AA RO Asset Chart: Values and Trans. – Qry C_RO_StRpGLAcctJrnlEntryItmQry FI-LOC-FI-RO GL Account Trial Balance Query – Romania C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem1Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem2Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query C_RO_StRpSalesPurchaseItem3Q FI-LOC-FI-RO RO: Sales/Purchase Journal Items Query C_RO_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-RO RO VAT 300 Declaration Items – Query C_RO_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for RO C_RU_BPBalRecncln FI-LOC-FI-RU FI RU Reconciliation Report C_RU_ExprtConfRegCstmsDeclnQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for RCD C_RU_ExprtConfRegTranspDocsQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for RCTD C_RU_FinancialStatementItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Financial Statement Item Query C_RU_FinancialStatementItemQ_2 FI-LOC-FI-RU Financial Statement Item Query C_RU_FinStmntCashFlowItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Query for form 4 (ACR Cash flow) C_RU_GLAcctBalanceQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU G/L Account Balance C_RU_ImportNotifRegisterQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Register of Import Notifications Query C_RU_IncomingInvcJrnlItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Incoming Invoice Journal Item C_RU_InvcJrnlOperationTypeQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Invoice Journal Operation Type Code C_RU_LandTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Land Tax Item: Query C_RU_OutgoingInvcJrnlItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Outgoing Invoice Journal Item C_RU_PropertyTaxCadValQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section3 C_RU_PropertyTaxMovableQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section4 C_RU_PropertyTaxNetBookValDetQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section2.1 C_RU_PropertyTaxNetBookValQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section2 C_RU_PropertyTaxTotalsQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Property Tax Return: Section1 C_RU_TransportTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-RU Russia Transport Tax: Query C_RU_VatPurchaseLdgr_Total FI-LOC-FI-RU Totals for Purchase Ledger C_RU_VATReturnImportEAEUQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 1. Tax Amount for Imported Goods from EAEU C_RU_VATReturnSection12ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU VAT Return Section 12 C_RU_VATReturnSection1ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 1. Tax Am. According to the Taxpayer Data C_RU_VATReturnSection2ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 2. Tax Amount According to Tax Agt Data C_RU_VATReturnSection3ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 3. Tax Amount(p.2-4 of Article 164) C_RU_VATReturnSection4ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 4. Tax Amount with Confirmed 0% Tax Rate C_RU_VATReturnSection5ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 5. Tax Deductions 0% Confd in Prev Perds C_RU_VATReturnSection6ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 6. Tax Amount with not Confd 0% Tax Rate C_RU_VATReturnSection7ItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU 7. Non-Taxable Transactions C_RU_VatSalesLedger_Total FI-LOC-FI-RU Totals for Sales Ledger C_RU_VATSlsPurLdgrNotRptdItemQ FI-LOC-FI-RU Accounting documents not reported in S/P Ledgers C_RU_VATSPLedgerOperationType FI-LOC-FI-RU Operation Types for RU Sales/Purchase Ledgers C_SafetyObservationGroupQ EHS-SUS-IM Safety Observation Group Query C_SalesAnalyticsQry SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume and Open Sales C_SalesAnalyticsQry_1 SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume and Open Sales C_SalesContractItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Contract C_SalesContractItmFlfmtQ SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Contract Fulfillment Rate C_SalesOrderItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Incoming Sales Order C_SalesOrderQ2301 FI-FIO-GL Sales Orders – Actuals C_SalesOrderQuery SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Order C_SalesQuotationItemQry SD-ANA Sales Quotations – Flexible Analysis C_SalesSchedgAgrmtItemQry SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Scheduling Agreement Item C_SalesVolumeAnalysisQuery SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume Detailed Analysis C_SalesVolumeAnalyticsQry SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume C_SalesVolumebyYearQuery SD-ANA Analytics – Sales Volume by Year C_SA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Tax Items for ACR Saudi Arabia C_SchedgAgrmtItmCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Scheduling Agreement Item Consumption C_SchedldRdngRelevantRegQuery IS-U-DM-MR Scheduled Reading-Relevant Register Query C_SecurityPriceQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM Market Data Query for Security Price C_ServiceContractIssueQry CRM-S4-ANA Analytical Query For Service Contract Issues C_ServiceContrFinList CRM-S4-ANA Service Contract Finance List C_ServiceDocRevenueQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Transaction Revenue – Query C_ServiceOrderIssueQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Order Issues C_ServiceOrderItemIssueQry CRM-S4-ANA Service transaction item issues C_ServiceOrderQry2401 FI-FIO-GL Service Orders – Actuals C_ServiceOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Service Order – Query C_SE_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Sweden C_SE_TaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI-SE Query Tax Items for Sweden C_SftyDataShtCmplRqRsltQry EHS-SUS-SDS SafetyDataSheet CRR Query C_SG_SalesPurTransListQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG SG GST Transaction Listing Query C_SG_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG Tax Items Query for Singapore Statutory Reporting C_SG_StRpTaxReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI-SG Tax Return Items Query for Singapore Statutory Reporting C_ShpdAsPlndDelivItemsQry LE-SHP-FIO-ANA Delivery Items Shipped as Planned C_SK_StRpCtrlStmntCrrtnQuery FI-LOC-FI-SK SK VAT Control Statement Corrections C_SK_StRpCtrlStmntQuery FI-LOC-FI-SK SK VAT Control Statement C_SK_StRpTaxItemWithEUTaxClfnQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item View for Slovakia C_SK_StRpWhldgTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Query View for Slovakia Withholding Tax C_SlsOrdConfAnlytsQry SD-ANA Analytics – Confirmation of Sales Orders C_SlsOrdDelivPerfAnlytsQry SD-ANA Analytics – Delivery Performance C_SlsQtanConversionRateQ SD-ANA Analytics – Quotation Conversion Rate C_SrvcContrFinancialQuery CRM-S4-ANA Finance Data in Service Contract – Query C_SrvcContrFinQuery_2 CRM-S4-ANA Finance Data in Service Contract – Query C_SrvcContrIntOrderQuery CRM-S4-ANA Internal Order of Srvc Contract – Query C_SrvcPartsDemandHistoryQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics Demand History Query C_SrvcPartsDistrRqmtsPlngQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics – Requirements Planning Query C_SrvcPartsDmndHistRawQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics Raw Demand History Query C_SrvcPartsForecastMonthQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics – Monthly Forecast Query C_SrvcPartsForecastWeekQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics – Weekly Forecast Query C_SrvcPartsInboundMonitorQ SCM-APO-SPP Analytics – Inbound Monitor Query C_StatementOfChanges FI-FIO-GL Statement of Changes C_StatisticalKeyFigureItem FI-FIO-GL Statistical Key Figure Items C_StkMTMWithQltyCharcs LO-AGR Cnsmpn View Stock MtM with Qlty charcs C_StockQtyCurrentValue_2 MM-IM-VDM-SGM Current stock quantity and value C_StockQuantityCurrentValue MM-IM-VDM-SGM Current Stock Quantity and Value C_StockQuantityValueByType MM-IM-VDM-SGM Stock Quantity and Value by Type C_StRpAccountingDocumentItmQry FI-LOC-FI-AE Accounting Document Item Query for Statutory Reporting C_StRpAdvncRetForSlsAndPurTxQ FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query which returns Sales and Purchases Tax Items C_StRpBillgDocSuplrInvcItmQry FI-LOC-FI-AE Sales, Purchase Invoice Item with Tax C_StRpCashFlowFinStmntQuery FI-LOC-GEN Cash Flow By Financial Statement C_StRpFxdAstAcquisitionFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Acquisition Form Query C_StRpFxdAstLocTransferFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Location Transfer Form Query C_StRpFxdAstRetirementFormQry FI-LOC-AA Fixed Asset Retirement Form Query C_StRpOverdueInvoicesQuery FI-LOC-FI-PL Overdue Invoices Qry for Stat. Reporting C_StRpSalesInvoiceQuery FI-LOC-FI Sales Invoice List Query C_StRpTaxItemBoxLogQuery FI-LOC-GEN Analytical Query for Box Reporting With Rptd Item Log Data C_StRpTaxItemBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Box Reporting C_StRpTaxItemQ FI-LOC-GEN Tax Items for Statutory Reporting C_StRpTaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query Tax Return info with TaxBox configuration C_StRpTaxReturnQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query to Fetch all types of Tax Return details C_StRpTrialBalanceItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Trial Balance Query C_StRpWithholdingTaxItemQuery FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Item Query C_StudentRegistrationQry IS-HER-CM Student Registration Data C_SupDmndAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Supply Demand Overview C_SupDmndOvwAssgmtQuery LO-RFM-ARN Supply Demand Overview C_SupDmndTotPOQuery LO-RFM-ARN Query View for Total Supply C_SuplrComprnViaPurVals MM-IS-PU-RPT Supplier Comparison Via Purchase Values C_SuplrEvalByQltyNotifQry MM-IS-PU-RPT Query View of SE By Quality Notif C_SupplierEvalOverallQry MM-IS-PU-RPT Supplier Evaluation Overall C_TeamUtilizationTile CA-TS-S4 Team Utilization Rate for Last Three Months C_TenderingFilter TM-CF-ANA Tendering Filter C_TenderingQuery TM-CF-ANA Tendering Query C_TH_AssetDepreciationQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Asset Depreciation List for Thailand C_TH_AssetDisposalQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Thailand: Disposal List Query C_TH_StRpCashFlowLqdyItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Cash Flow by Lqdy Hierarchy for Thailand C_TH_StRpExceededTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Exceeding 6 months Tax Item Statutory Reporting for TH C_TH_StRpRemittanceTaxItmQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Remittance Tax Item Statutory Reporting for Thailand(P.P.36) C_TH_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TH Tax Item Statutory Reporting for TH C_TH_WhldgTaxItemQ FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax Items Query for all PND C_TotalAccountsReceivables FI-AR-IS Total Accounts Receivables Smart Business App C_TranspAllocComplianceQ TM-CF-ANA Transportation Allocation Compliance Query C_TranspBusPerfMntrOrdDetQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Mon. – Ord.Det. Query C_TranspBusPerfMntrOrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Mon. – Order Query C_TranspOrd2ForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. – Ord 2 Query C_TranspOrdBlockForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. – Block Query C_TranspOrdDetForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. – Ord Det Qry C_TranspOrdExecForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. – Exec. Query C_TranspOrdForBusDshbrdQ TM-CF-ANA Transp. Bus. Perf. Dshbrd. – Ord Query C_TranspOrdInvcgBlockStsQ TM-CF-ANA Transportation Order Invoicing Block Status Query C_TrialBalance FI-GL-IS Trial Balance C_Trialbalanceq0001 FI-FIO-GL Trial Balance C_Trialbalanceq0002 FI-FIO-GL Trial Balance Comparison C_TrsyCtptyLimitOverviewQ FIN-FSCM-TRM-CR Treasury Counterparty Limit Overview Query C_TrsyCtptyLmtBPRatingQry FIN-FSCM-TRM-CR Treasury Counterparty Limit Business Partner Rating Query C_TrsyMktRskKeyFigValueQry FIN-FSCM-TRM-MR Treasury Market Risk Key Figure Value Query C_TrsyValueAtRiskQuery FIN-FSCM-TRM-MR Treasury Value At Risk Query C_TR_PurSlsBusPartAbvThldLmtQ FI-LOC-FI Final query to fetch TR Sls & Pur Data C_TR_PurSlsTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query displaying Turkey Purchase Sales Tax Items C_TR_StRpElectronicLedgerQ FI-LOC-FI Query View ForElectronic Ledger C_TR_StRpInputTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query to display turkey Input Tax Items C_TW_ChangesInEquityQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Statement of Changes in Equity Query C_TW_FixedAssetTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Analytical Query of Fixed Asset Tax Item C_TW_TaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Tax Item Query C_TW_ZeroTaxQuery FI-LOC-FI-TW Taiwan Zero Tax Item Query C_UK_StRpTaxItmWithEUTaxClassQ FI-LOC-ECS EU Sales Tax Item view for UK C_Uk_Strpwhldgtaxitemq FI-AP-AP-Q1 Withholding Tax View For UK C_UnpackagedDngrsGdsQuery EHS-SUS-DG Unpackaged Dangerous Goods Query C_US_EPCRAStkDetQuery EHS-SUS-HS EPCRA: Inv. Rep. Stock Details Query C_US_EPCRATierOneQuery EHS-SUS-HS EPCRA: Inventory Query Reporting Tier 1 C_US_StRp1099FedWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 G Query C_US_StRp1099IntrstWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 INT Query C_US_StRp1099MiscWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US US 1099 Misc Reoprting Query C_US_StRp1099PaytWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US Consumption View 1099K C_US_StRpFrgnVndrWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-US Consumption View For 1042s C_US_StrpWhldgTaxItem1042sqry FI-LOC-FI-US Query CDS view for US 1042S C_UtilitiesInvoicingDocumentQ IS-U-IN Invoicing Document Query C_UtilsBillgOrderForContractQ IS-U-BI Billing Order For Contract Query C_UtilsBillgReltdInstdDeviceQ IS-U-DM Billing-Related Installed Device Query C_UtilsBillgReltdInstdDvceIRQ IS-U-DM Billing-Related Installed Device Info Record Query C_UtilsContractBlkdForBillgQ IS-U-BI Contract Blocked For Billing Query C_UtilsContractChangeHistoryQ IS-U-MD Analysis on Utilities Contract Changes Query C_UtilsContractToBeBilledQ IS-U-BI Contract To Be Billed Query C_UtilsContrKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date-Based Utilities Contract Analysis Query C_UtilsDeviceStockQuery IS-U-DM Device Stock Query C_UtilsDvcePerdcRplcmntListQ IS-U-DM-IS-PR Device Periodic Replacement List Query C_UtilsDvcePerdcRplcmntQuery IS-U-DM-IS-PR Device Periodic Replacement Forecast Query C_UtilsInstalledDeviceQuery IS-U-DM Installed Device Query C_UtilsInstKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date Installation Analysis Query C_UtilsInvcgOrdSchedldBillgQ IS-U-IN Invoicing Order For Scheduled Billing Date Query C_UtilsPremiseKeyDateAnalysisQ IS-U-MD Key Date-Based Premise Analysis Query C_UtilsTechlyInstdDeviceQuery IS-U-DM Technically Installed Device Query C_ValuationDocumentHdrQry IS-OIL-PRA Valuation Document Header Query C_ValueContractCnsmpn MM-IS-PU-RPT Value Contract Consumption C_VarConfignSlsByNetValQry LO-VC Base Query for VC Related Sales Anlyts C_VE_StRpPurAndWhldgTxItmLogQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Pur Tax with Reptd Item Log Data C_VE_StRpPurAndWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Purchase Tax Item C_VE_StRpSlsAndWhldgTxItmLogQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Sales Tax  with Rptd Item Log Data C_VE_StRpSlsAndWhldgTxItmQ FI-LOC-FI-VE Analytical Query for VE Sales Tax Item C_VntrEquityGrpBillgIndQ CA-JVA Partner Billing Report C_WellCompltnDisposnVolQry IS-OIL-PRA Well Completion Disposition Volume Query C_WorkCenterProdCostQuery CO-PC-OBJ Production Cost By Work Center C_ZA_StRpRevenueExpenseLineQry FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for Revenue Expense Lines C_ZA_StRpTaxItemLogQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Qry for South Africa Tax Item with Rptd Log Data C_ZA_StRpTaxItemQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for South Africa Tax Item Data C_ZA_StRpTaxReturnBoxQuery FI-LOC-FI Analytical Query for South Africa VAT Reporting C_ZA_SuplrCharcsAndTaxItemQry FI-LOC-FI Analytical query South Africa BBBEE Supplier Classification FAC_DART_Z3_AP_TRIAL_BALANCE FI-GL A/P-Trial Balance FAC_DART_Z3_AR_TRIAL_BALANCE FI-GL A/R-Trial Balance FAC_DART_Z3_TRIAL_BALANCE FI-GL G/L Account-Trial Balance Repm_ClosedSalesOrderQuery BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM : Closed Sales Order Query View REPM_ClosePurOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Closed Purchase Order Query View REPM_DepemHierarchyQV1 BW-BCT-TCT Number of Employees in Department REPM_DepEmpHierarchyQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD No. Of Employees in a Department REPM_DepEmpHierarchyQV2 BW-BCT-TCT No. Of Employees in a Department REPM_DepSalesOrderQV3 BW-BCT-TCT Query View REPM_DeptEmpServiceQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Employee Service in Department Query View REPM_DEPTSALESORDERQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Query View Repm_Empdept_Services BW-BCT-TCT REPM_EMPDEPT_SERVICES REPM_EmpInDeptQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Employee with Dept. Details Query View REPM_EmployeeInDepartmentQV1 BW-BCT-TCT Departments an Employee has worked REPM_EmployeeInDepartmentQV2 BW-BCT-TCT Departments an Employee has worked Repm_Emp_Salesgen BW-BCT-TCT REPM_EMP_SALESGEN Repm_OpenPurOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Open Days Query View REPM_OpenSalesOrderQuery BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM : Open Sales Order Query View REPM_ProdDetailsQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Product Details Query View REPM_PRODDETAILS_TESTQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Product Details Query View Repm_Prod_Filter BW-BCT-TCT REPM_PROD_FILTER REPM_PurchaseOrderProductQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Product Details Query View REPM_PurchaseOrderQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Purchase Order Query View REPM_PURORDERGROSSAMTQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Gross Amount Query View REPM_SalesOrderAnalysisQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM: Sales Order Analysis Query View REPM_SalesOrderAnalysisQ1 BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Analysis Query View REPM_SalesOrderDetailsq BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM: Sales Order Details Query  View REPM_SALESORDERPRODAMTQUERY BW-BCT-NW-NWD REPM : Sales Order Product Query View REPM_SALESORDQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Details Query View REPM_SALESORD_TESTQ BW-BCT-NW-NWD Sales Order Details Query View RSB4H_STAT_CQ BW-WHM-DBA BW/4 Transfer Tool Statistic(Current) RSB4H_STAT_UQ BW-WHM-DBA BW/4 Transfer Tool Statistic Rv_C_HdbTabSizesQuery BW-WHM-DBA Query on sizing details for tables Rv_C_RspmDtpLoadQuery BW-WHM-DST Query on RSPM DTP Load Rv_C_RspmRequestQuery BW-WHM-DST RSPM Request Query SADL_GW_MDE_Analytics BC-ESI-ESF-GW test analytics scenario SADL_V_EXP_Query BC-ESI-ESF-GW view_label Sadl_V_Unit_Non_Sadl BC-ESI-ESF-GW Sadl Analytics Without parameters