Next Fiori Makers Call – January 25th 2022: B/S/H – Strategic Re-Design of Talent Development Application

In the next SAP Fiori Makers call our customer B/S/H will showcase the SAP Fiori application they have built for their re-design of talent development. Dr. Philip Meyer from B/S/H will present how they re-designed an internal application that helps their HR Managers to identify the best fit diverse talent and develop their next key competencies in order to prepare them for their next level position.

After the introduction of the use-case and screen-flows, Kai Richter, Chief Design Expert for SAP Fiori, will review the application from an SAP Fiori Guidelines perspective – including why and when deviations from guidelines make sense with regards of a good UX, general do’s and don’ts and alternative design approaches, e. g. when using the latest SAP Fiori concepts.

In addition we will discuss where SAP Fiori elements was used to boost the development efficiency of the use case.

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Kai Richter
Dr. Philip Meyer Kai Richter
Product Owner Global Digital Services HR Corporate
at B/S/H
Chief Design Expert for SAP Fiori at SAP