SAP IBP Blog 10 – Summary of useful links for SAP IBP

In this blog post I collected some useful links for SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain, short SAP IBP. These links might be more useful for someone new to SAP IBP, but even experienced users or consultants might find some of these links interesting.

The official name of the solution is “SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain” (until 2019 it was called “SAP Integrated Business Planning”). SAP approved abbreviations are “SAP IBP” and “SAP IBP for Supply Chain”.

SAP IBP Overview Material

Introduction: Video with an overview of SAP IBP related resources

Supply Chain Planning Processes on SAP Insights webpage:

SAP IBP Webinar Overview series:

SAP IBP Onboarding

SAP IBP Help, Wikis, Upgrade information

Important information can be found in the SAP IBP Help Portal:

SAP IBP Wiki information:

  • Lots of technical information can be found on the SAP IBP Wiki page.
  • The IBP FAQ Wiki answers a lot of questions already (especially around the Excel add-in).

SAP IBP Upgrade information:

Audience Engagement: Community, Newsletter, Compendiums, YouTube

Training and Best Practices

Influence Portal, Roadmap and Incidents