Clean ABAP Translations and German Version of the Book

I am happy to announce that a German version of the book Clean ABAP will be available from February onwards. So if you know some colleagues who prefer to read the book in German, please let them know.

Two years ago Florian and me published Clean ABAP. In the meantime there were many contributions to all kinds of topics. In this blog I would like to thank all the colleagues who contributed to translate Clean ABAP to Japanese, Chinese, English, German, French and recently Spanish and Korean. Thanks to the translators of Clean ABAP to different languages. You really help to broaden the reach towards a shared understanding of maintainable, readable and testable ABAP code.

Manabu Inoue translated Clean to Japanese: “As a beginner in SAP, I was looking for a good way to write ABAP code, and I found this guide based on Uncle Bob’s Clean Code, which I am familiar with. After reading the guide, I decided to translate it not only to write my own code, but also to spread this modern code style to my company and Japanese ABAPers.”

German version of the book Clean ABAP:

Clean Open Source Guide with translations to different languages: