How Technical Master Data is Created in SAP Cloud for Utilities Solutions?

A utilities business is impossible without the minimum knowledge of the location and meter. Managing a minimum set of technical master data is necessarily required for a successful meter-to-cash process including ingestion of meter readings and consumption values, device-dependent pricing, and legally compliant invoice presentment.

As a utility in a deregulated or regulated market, you can use this new feature to create technical master data in relevant SAP Cloud for Utilities solutions during the order fulfillment process for a commodity product.


·         Reduced manual effort by an out-of-box technical master data integration between SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation and SAP Cloud for Energy.

·        Increased process efficiency as technical master data is automatically and consistently distributed across the above-mentioned SAP Cloud for Utilities solutions.

Steps to create technical master data:

(1) Create a measurement concept instance (MCI) in the Measurement Concept Management of SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation based on a given model. For example, you can use the following predefined measurement concept model for a single register case.

The MCI is created based on the given model (see example below)

(2) The SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation technical master data service listens to MCI event and creates corresponding technical master data in C4E (see example below). This step is automated, which saves integration effort and ensures data consistency across the solution landscape.

(3) Call the SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation Customer Order API. After the order distribution is completed, a subscription is automatically created in SAP Subscription Billing. Here is an example subscription for an electricity single rate product.

As a result, technical master data objects are created in SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation MCM and SAP Cloud for Energy systems. And they all refer to the same Point of Delivery (PoD) ID, which is the linkage across the systems. This linkage will be used in the following Meter-to-Cash process to ingest/retrieve meter readings and create bills.

·        Measurement Concept Instance is created in the Measurement Concept Management of SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation (marketLocation ID = meteringLocation ID = PoD ID)

·        Usage point, usage point location, meter, register(s) are created in SAP Cloud for Energy. The standard load profile is linked to the register/channel(s). (usagePointName = PoD ID)

subscription is created in Subscription Billing (technicalResourceID = PoD ID)

This technical master data creation E2E process is supported since the SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation 1.3 release (December 2021). If you would like to learn more, please refer to the  SAP Cloud for Utilities Foundation documentation.