SAP BTP SDK for iOS 7.0 is available

Santa’s elves were overworked this year, and hence this present comes a little late, but we hope the wait was worth it. Version 7.0 is released!!! 🎉🥳


SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS is available in version 7.0.0

You can download the SDK and its Assistant from the Software Center or the downloads section on

This version supports iOS 14+ and Xcode 13.

The new version has all sorts of goodies and I encourage you to read the What’s New document (coming soon) and our updated API reference documentation (coming soon).

Here are some of the new features provided by the SDK.


M1 Support

Ahh, yesssss. Finally, support for Apple Silicon ARM simulators 😌.

Use the SAP BTP SDK for iOS frameworks on Mac computers with Apple silicon without the need for Rosetta.

Cross Context SSO with OAuth

The cross context SSO feature makes onboarding easier for users by transferring OAuth tokens from an established session to their mobile app built with the SAP BTP SDK for iOS.


Enable Cross Context SSO in SAP Mobile Services

For example, a user opens the SSO onboarding URL on their desktop. The user can open the native app, navigate to the QR code scanning screen, and scan the QR code before it expires. If successful, the native app will get onboarded automatically. The user does not have to enter their credentials again.


QR Code was scanned by mobile app

Here is a video demonstrating the user experience on iPad with an app generated by the SAP BTP Assistant SDK for iOS 7.0


Demo on iPad

New color palette, typeface, and large title for SAP Fiori for iOS

We are bringing the award-winning typeface 72, explicitly designed for SAP and SAP Fiori, to iOS! Together with a new color palette (.latest palette version is v6), removing contrast background for specific components (FUIObjectHeader, FUIProfileHeader, FUIKPIHeader, FUINavigationBar) and enabling large title by default this gives a fresh look and feel. 😎


Notice the large titles ?!

Application Versioning

Administrators can activate or deactivate specific versions of an application in SAP Mobile Services. The SAP BTP SDK for iOS provides ApplicationVersionObserver in SAPFoundation and ApplicationVersionStep in SAPFioriFlows to stop the user from onboarding if the version of the application is inactive.


Maintain Applications Versions in SAP Mobile Services

Lock App Based on Timeout in Passcode Policy

Administrators can maintain a Lock Timeout as part of the passcode policy configuration in SAP Mobile Services. Previously this information was ignored by the SDK. Now the SDK will enforce this setting by calling ApplicationUIManaging.hideApplicationScreen(completionHandler:)(if implemented by the app) when the user leaves the app in background for longer than the lock timeout allows.


Lock Timeout in Settings Exchange of SAP Mobile Services


On behalf of the SAP BTP SDK for iOS team I wish you a happy New Year and a great start in 2022 !